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Jul 27, 2003
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Sawadee Ka ....Hello i am mui from Phuket Thailand i am looking to buy nail art book with many design pictures i just buy nail art book from amazon i enjoy book but not enough picture .

On internet i see many beautifull design in nail art from web sites but would like to have book to look at for me ;) for my shop and customer to look .

Kop khun ka

Hi mui, the one book i know that has a few pictures and also helps to do the nail art designs is
"all you need to know about nail art" by k-sa-ra.
Then there is
"nail art and design" by tammy biggin.
Hope this helps.
How about doing some nail art on some tips and taking pictures of them and making a book, that way you know that you can do the things clients may ask for................

love faye xx
Sawadee Ka

I havebook by tammy and thank u for name other book i will buy 1 i have many nail painted now and have taken photos i will make like menu .

Have put all nail on sticks also so have display in shop customer who make hair look nail and now some have nail done .

Kop khun ka mui
Please watch out for a NEW book coming out be Jacqui Jefford, Sue Marsh and Anne Swain. It is ALL about nail art, airbrushing, 3D designs etc. Su Marsh and Jacqui Jefford also did The Untouchables Book too which is great for different unique designs!! I promise to post the name of the new book the moment it is ready to be launched!! I think they are waiting until November time!! Watch this space and welcome to the Nail Geek forum - it is lovely to have someone from Phuket Thailand - I have heard it is a beautiful place!! Welcome!!! ;)
Mrs Geek

Sawadee ka

Thank you for your help to me and i will keep look for when book come i buy for sure .

In Phuket no have many nail beauty only us and one more but in bangkok have more in Thailand not many lady do nail is all done by man .

Thai man very good with nail and airbrush and do airbrush with freehand very beautifull on nail and body yesterday man come my shop to teach airbrush for me and staff .

I like internet nail too much and everyday i look look look .

Phuket is nice i like but here for earn money work beauty salon and learn then in 5 year go home petchabun hometown north east Thailand sister mama and papa .

Kop khun ka

Mui Sawadee ka - (speaking my first Thai phrase - thank you)

maybe when you leave Phuket and return to your mama, papa and sister, you could have your own nail salon in Petchabun!! I am sure you are making your family proud!! :salute:

Men are becoming very popular here with doing nails - there are some superb male technicians in the UK such as Ketan Patel, Antony Buckley and of course the Geek himself!! I think that women over here like the novelty of having a man do their nails but also like the relationships they create with their female techs too!!

Please keep posting and let us know how you are doing!! There are some very talented Asian teks - maybe you could post some of your work!! ;)

Kop khun ka - Samantha
Sawadee ka

I send photo nail to nice lady kooky nail and she will put on internet for mui picture nail with brush .

Today we do airbrush body my sister and will take picture i can send to u the nail do me and ya but airbrush body have man thai here today show us so airbrush body .

Shop i have in phuket i am boss i rent shop not buy i stay 5 year then go home petchabun for sure .

Open shop 10 morning close 11 night time all day work learn and make designs for body and nail and learn airbrush .

Today shop have customer for nail art ya do i learn with sisters airbrush have customer for hair good today shop good .

i want send photo airbrush body and shop for u how can i do .

Kop khun ka

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