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Christie's Nails

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Jan 11, 2003
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Hawaii, USA
Here are a few ideas I had. Anyone else think of something good? Camera only wanted to focus on small part at once...think I was too close?


hi christie

those are lovely you are such a talented lady

Here in the US March 17 is St. Patricks day. Everyone wears green and decorates with clovers (if you are into that kinda thing..I am not

I was mentioning to a client today that I posted these pics on a UK message board. And we started talking about it...and wondering..with the whole IRA and irish not celebrated? To me being Irish is the same as Scotish or English..I hardly think of it as different. But there has been alot of bad feelings for years and years hasn't there? I only know this from I just know some times there are cultural undercurrents that outsiders do not pick up on.

In the US it is cool if you are fact it is cool if you are any one thing, or even half! ..myself I can name off at least 8 different nationalities that I am. I guess that means I am american huh? The Big Melting Pot...USA.
I especially like the french design.....very creative. My nephew has a St Patricks day birthday!!! Happy Birthday Casey!
Hi Christie, :D love the nails, ahhh glitter, i am a glitter fan.
Yes here in London St. Patricks :sunny: day is celebrated big time pubs are full and everybody irish or not irish, are having a great time. We have large irish communities as well as all other nations. 6 Million plus live in London, so as you can imagine we have a bit of everything here lol.
I don't think that nail art and nationality are a problem . Nail art to me and all the people that I know, is art. We love art no matter what. If I was to visit one of our art galleries and there was a great picture painted by an irish artist or any other national, I would look at the picture and not wonder about the artist religious, political or his/her race. Art is a bit like sport supposed to be none judgemental and great fun.
So no matter what the subject of nail art is, it is just that art and as long as it isn't propaganda in a offencive way and doesn't offend or provoke racism then that's just cool be me. :thumbsup:
Lots of love Ruth :flower:
P.S. I am german living in London, polish mother, hungarian grandmother,
german father and who knows what else my family tree would reveal
Here in Australia we celebrate St Patricks Day as well. I can remember at school we were allowed to wear casual clothes if they were green and we used to make green pancakes!!!

I have done a little St Patricks Day design but I haven't had a chance to post it. It is a nail polished all in white, 2 diagonal stripes near the free edge in gold and a little green clover on the tip. Then a coat of fine silver glitter over the lot.

If I get a chance before the 17th I will post!
I got online just now to remove this whole message thread.
I was talking to some other people today and really started to worry that I had offended. Someone told me (half joking) "sure Christie, why don't you go find an Arab nail tech message board and post pics of the star of David!"
I was thinking " oh no! I have offended these guys with this Irish nail art!!"

Then I was next going to email Samuel and chew him out for not telling me to remove these pics! lol...

So, if I ever do something stupid..please be assured that I am just an American Ignorant of these things...not intended to offend! ok? One of these days I am going to travel...when the kids are grown I suppose.
We drove past a travel agent last night that was advertising special prices on holiday packages to Hawaii. I said to Pete 'oooh we gotta go so Christie can do my nails'. His only comment was 'expensive nails...'

Oh well.. will keep trying 8)
I love the designs!!! Tooo cute. Thank you for sharing your incredible artistic ability with us!!!! Keep up the awesome work!!!!
St Patricks day is celebrated all over the world. IMO Its mostly an excuse to get pissed (lashed) and celebrate life in general.

The BS with the IRA is political nor religious.
Then you have the business between the Cathlocs and the Protestents... But doubt any of them give a toss about clovers... they are far too busy spitting on and threatening each others kids while they walk to school. Thats pretty pathetic.

Why not also paint some yellow moons, orange stars, and blue triangles on the nails?

Then their kids could chase after their charms.

"The kds r fter me luckee chrms"
The Nail Geek said:
Why not also paint some yellow moons, orange stars, and blue triangles on the nails?

Then their kids could chase after their charms.

"The kds r fter me luckee chrms"

That was so bad... :D
Don't worry Christie. I'm sure that you haven't offended anyone!! As everyone else has said most people use it as an excuse to get pissed!!!

Anyway, if you had offended anyone it's a pretty long way to go to have an argument (although maybe it's a good excuse to get over to 'D' Big Island!!) :D

So stop panicking about that and surprise us with some more of your fabulous art! Maybe we could give you a new name - Christie, Queen of Nails!! :queen:
Cool ,Cool ,Cool...i likes!...Grrr your makeing me wanna pick up my brushes and start working. This waiting is killing me. Wanna come pull the rest of my hair out, that i havent already? :D just kidding. Wanna lend those hands of your out?? LOL...i wanna be CHRISTIE!!!...good job
Beautiful work Christie! I always love looking at your nail art.

I had a client who wanted something St. Patty's Day looking but nothing over the top. What I ended up doing is so simple but looked so nice!

I took a pic but am not quite sure how to post it.

Hi Christie,

I just checked your site again, its sooo amazing,:salute::salute::salute:
I have a question about one of the designs you show, you titled it 'From Nicole's Diva to Denim collection..Cashmere polish and lacy white flowers.'

I'm probably being stupid :confused: but it looks to me like you have done 2tone, french style, I just wondered what the names are of the colours you used? or are my eyes deceiving me & its just 1 colour? :morn:

Ok, trying to post a picture.... St Patrick's Day Nails!

I did it! I did it!!! I posted a picture!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!
Well done shaun
and they look lovely

;) ;) ;)
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