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Thanks Debs, Adele and Julie.

Well I would love to go into business, but am a bit scared of saying it incase I don't pull it off!

As for tables...I think initally I will start off with a cheapie to learn on and then splash out on a professional table when I put together my wizz bang home based salon!

I am in the process of sorting out the spare room, which is currently full of boxes...our shipment arrived from Australia many months ago and we still have boxes! I now have a key to the garage and will hopefully shift some boxes soon so I can set up a dedicated space to practice.

Thanks again!


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May 7, 2003
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I was wondering if anyone could share the benefit of their experince with me..pretty please!!

I am considering buying a nail bar/table/station, as I think if I have my trainer set up it will speed my learning and it take a bit of time to set up and tidy away my nail trainer and associated procucts.

I have looked at a few catalogues and I have seen a few REM ones that can have an air filter built in. I also need lockable storage as I have children and obviously need to keep the chemicals out of harms way.

So my questions are

*What table do you use? would you reccomend it? have you seen any fab ones that you would like to own?

*Do you use a filter? if so what type and if you have one inbuilt into the table is it a hassle or should I condsider a free standing one?

*what light do you have on your table? and do I need a mangnifier on it too??

*do you have arm pads or cushions for your clients to lean on?

*what type of chairs whoud you reccomend?

this is the table I am considering buying. But as it is expensive I dont want to buy a lemon


TIA for any help or advice

you never said id you were going to be doing clients at home or not and it depends what sort of image you`re looking for and how much money you want to spend.
There are loads of tables out there that don`t have to cost a fortune and a filter can be fitted to any table.
I bought a reasonably cheap nail station a few years back at an exhibition, it didn`t have a lockable cupboard on it though. When I went into a shop the damn thing travelled all over because it was on wheels. So I went a bought a table from IKEA, it was only £35 in the colour that matched the salon and it stopped my table from moving under me all the time, brilliant.
I haven`t as yet put a filter in it as there is nearly always an open door, even in winter but I will do soon.
As for a lockable unit, I keep big bottles in a lockable metal cupboard but everything I use daily is kept in a lockable carry case (cos I do mobile when salon is closed).
I don`t think you need a magnifier but a lamp is a must and some support on desk for client comfort.
I`ve rambelled on a bit now so I`ll go, good luck with your purchase.
Thanks Debs

At the moment the table will be just for me to train on.

I have not yet decided if I will go into business, although I think I will at some stage and then it will be easier if it a home based business ( so I can have flexible working hours to fir around my children)
Well as long as you get a table thats comfortable for you to work on and a nail trainer to help learn on, you don`t need to go to a great expense and buy a top notch nail station. You could even buy a metal filing cabinet to keep things locked away from inquisitive hands, they even do them with drawers in a diy store.
Its expensive enough getting what you do need don`t you think, unless its a present and then I say, go for your life.
Don`t even think about maybe not going into business, once you have the nail bug, you WILL go into business.
IT`S CATCHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi Mandi

I think if you are just thinking of working on yourself at the moment, you would be better off doing as Debbie mentioned and maybe taking a look at the Ikea catalogue. The nail station you mentioned seems extremely expensive for just the occasional set of nails.

As for ventilation, my husband has put a kitchen extractor fan right by the side of my workstation so that the majority of dust and fumes are removed straight to the outside. Having said that, my room is specifically set up for nails (I don't know whether you fancy having a hole placed in your dining room wall :shock: ).

You definitely need a desk lamp. If you go to Woolworths they usually have the halogen type ones for about £5-7. As long as you can manouvre it over your clients hand you'll be fine. As for a magnifier, that will depend on your eyes and whether you'll be doing lots of intricate work. For generally doing nail enhancements and manicures a lamp should be sufficient.

I have an arm pad for my client and have recently invested in a gel computer support pad for me to rest my elbows on as they were getting very sensitive.

I use a computer chair for me and a dining chair for my client. Make sure your chair has support and also your clients. Don't go for one that has arms.

Anyway hope this helps a bit.
All the best
That extractor fan is a brilliant idea Adele, I might get my son to put one in for me next time he moans about the smell
Does anyone still notice the smell? I have always liked it :freak: even before I trained. But now a year on I dont even notice. Scary Huh :o :huh:

I use my dining table with the window open when clients come to me, which is infrequent now, as I am trying to go mobile. :o

The smell never did bother me, I have more problems with the resin with the fibreglass system, but my son is really bothered byt the smell even though I have a window open during treatment.
I try not to do L&P at home because of him but I like the idea of a kitchen vent
Now come on Mandi,
you`re already thinking `big professional table` and `home nail salon`, don`t be scared it won`t happen cos its already half way there in your head. With a bit of practice you`ll be well on your way to being `big shot nail tech`
Think positive
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