Nail Bitter Required


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Fab Freak

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Dec 16, 2003
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Bondsville, West Yorkshire
Hi All

I would really like to do a one2one for nail bitters but need a model with good (lol what a contradiction) bitten nails

..and who lives in the preferably Dewsbury/Batley/Wakefield Area, so I can monitor the progress after a one2one if any of you geeks now of someone please can you ask them on mybehalf if they are interested in a FOC set then I will offer a competive deal for weekly treatments....

This will involve in you being chauffeured to Hull, with a free lunch and dropping back home with a FREE lovely set of nails.....what more could a girl want....please help - ideally need someone for MOnday 13th September...

Come there must be someone out there or does anyone know anyone from Hull that would be interested to meet me there instead....please please pretty please
...Hi me again - can any one out there help...pretty please....

PS Debs thanks for the offer but I can't move the date :cry: .

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