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Nov 23, 2012
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Hi geeks

I have managed to organise a nail day at my friends work doing 9am till 6pm and wondered how many I should book in as I have no experience of anything like this at all due to having no clients etc (total jump in the deep end for a newbie)

It currently takes me 55 mins to do a set of gelish so how many would you recommend as a maximum?

Hope u can help xx
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Would love to know how you get on with this, was thinking about doing something similar at my husbands office
If it takes you 55 mins then book 1 an hour, if it's taking you this long as you are doing extra work ie: a manicure with Gelish cut that back to basics, maybe just some nice smelling hand cream added after the gelish. I've maybe been doing it longer but I would be aiming at 30 mins for days like this... Your aiming for as many people as possible meeting you and sampling what you do, I would be aiming for maximum bums on seats to build your client base. X
How confident are you? How well do you work under stress? The answer to these two questions should indicate to you if you need to have more generous times for your appointments or whether you can speed things up a bit if you do run late.

Have you thought about nail art? If you are showing photos of your work, you will need to be prepared for some of them to want nail art too.

Also, you will need to prep your workplace before and after each client. Lunchbreak??
No I'm not adding extras , it's just I am very new and my only regular client is myself so I haven't been able to work on my timings

I have advised it is just for one colour , no nail art or French to keep within the hour and they are all fine with this apparently

I do work well under pressure usually ( in office work ) not sure about creative work I don't really like being rushed with that
When are you doing this?
I'm doing it on 22nd, feeling a bit nervous 😁
I'd be more interested in doing a good job than rushing it to get as many people done as possible, quality over quantity, especially as a newbie you don't want to rush and forget a step and end up with half the clients having service breakdown

I think an hour per person is a good idea, if its a full day eg 8 hours thats still 8 people, not a bad way to start :) just have lots of business cards etc to hand out to people that miss out :)
Id say 1 hour per person. You will probably speed up as thr day goes on and if you do yoy can always try and squeeze in an extra person.

Id also suggest taking with you a drink, and snacks such as cereal bars or something you can grab a bite of in between clients.

Also sorry if its obvious but dont forget hand steralizer and a jar if mundo so clients can see uou are keeping clean in between.

If you don't have time for nail art but its something you like doing, you could always offer free nail art if they book another appointment, don't forget your diary and to ask when they would like to book in rather than if! Evem of they dont want it back on they will need it removing professionally :)

Good luck and have fun x
Hand sanitizer I meant!
thanks geeks

I also thought it will be quicker and easier to use couch roll, I don't currently use this as I am not busy enough so just use a fresh towel each time
hi geeks

just thought id let you know how nail day went

I had 5 booked in so wasn't too hectic and the only issue was a lady who turned up with ''shellac'' still on and I had asked my friend to explain to the girls as we only have their lunch hours to work with can they please arrive with bare nails, after a mini panic I took a breath realised I actually had remover and lint pads that I could cut up but no foil, the lady found me some foil (strange for an office but hey) so I got cracking and 30 mins later I am still scraping away shocked at the staining - this clearly cant b shellac, I use gelish but from what I read on here shellac is just as easy if not easier to remove. On the plus side I made a bit extra :biggrin:

Wonder what her manager made of her 1hr 30min lunch :suprised:
Well done!

Did you keep within the timing? Except for that one lady. Did you take any pictures, and did you take any bookings?

I bet you are really chuffed!
Timings were spot on to the hour, one lady who just had 2 coats of a plain colour only took 40 mins, the rest had glitter

I kicked myself when I realised I didn't take pics though :irked: just got caught up

the ladies were asking if I would be coming back especially for their xmas party so fingers crossed something gets sorted.

my only problem is I cant do a removal and application in 1 hour so not sure how to go about this hurdle
Will they need a removal by then? Surely they will have removed the nails in that time, unless they continue to come to you. NH have some nice little removal kits, maybe you could sell those.

Do I understand that they get an hour each for their lunch break in which you do their nails? (I might have misunderstood though)

Would they be interested in a nail party at one of their houses? Or a Sunday before the party? You could offer a bit of a discount to encourage them to choose a time and place that suits you better.
And have you thought about recommend a friend? £5 pounds off for the friend and £5 for them when the friend has been for her appointment. This would help them advertise for you.
Well I was hoping to try and make it a regular monthly slot , therefore would need to remove , I like the idea of them doing it themselves with a kit though :)

Yes the use their hour lunch as their appointment

I will encourage parties etc, it's only because they live so far that they can't come to my home salon

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