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Jan 9, 2003
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HowdA All...

For you US birds....

Im writing some course content and need a hand...

Seems I remember it being against most state boards to use a nail dusting brush for stooooooopid fears of transmitting the HIV virus and other impossible to catch diseases by dusting.

Is this the case? Anyone? Anyone?
It seems as if I remember it being that the soft hairs of the brush hold oils and when you dust off the nail it leave a light oil residue and that it can not be sanitized and dried out fast enough for the next customer. This is why the manicure scrub brushes are suggested. Easy to sanitize and cheap enough to have a hand full so that each customer gets a newly clean & dry brush.
Hi Mr. Geek, yes it is "suggested" that we not use big fluffy dusting brushes. I have a couple dozen manicure brushes that actually work better anyway. Use once , wash, disinfect, store in a closed container! :D
cool. thats what I thought.... but anyone out there know if it is against state law to use non disinfectable brushes?
It is against *my* state board law to use any unclean or properly disinfected implement on a client. I am sure that most states would carry this same guideline, however each state is different.

That would include the duster brush.....because you can not properly cleanse and disinfect it in between each client, unless you chose to have a bunch of them laying around, so I use the little scrub brushes instead.
I knew it had to be true! Cheers Leigh-Ann thats what I was looking for.

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