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Sep 14, 2006
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Hi, does anyone know of any nail extension courses that I could do? I live in Poole, Dorset. The thing is is that I was going to do one at the college that i did my manicure and pedicure course at, but its 30 weeks and ive just found out that im pregnant! I will be due around the 13th of March, and the course i wanted to do wont quite be finished then. (They do not run on half terms etc).
I really want to get the nail extension course in, I cant do a full time course because I have two children at the mo, they are at school and play school (youngest starting school in september).

I dont mind doing a course at home, but wanted to know which one would be best. The other thing i dont mind doing is something like a 5/6 day course. There is one on Parkstone with creative nails... I think its aorund around £400 and includes kit..
Your best bet is to call some companies that you are interested in, product wise, and ask if they have courses near to you.
Hi Emily

I have just replyed to a post like this one.

Be prepard to do your home work and shop around as not at courses offer the samething for your money, (kit, manual etc) inc in the course.

I am not sure about home study as I think having a tutor on had to help with propblems or correcting and faults/bad habits you may pick up. And most of all for support and encouragement.

I Hope this has been of help to you and good luck.


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