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Apr 16, 2007
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Essex, UK
Hey gals!

I'm nowworking as a natural nail tech which I'm loving. Having spent years squeezing blackheads and doing hollywood waxing (or, as one of my mates calls it, up to my elbows in pusand pubes!:)), it's sooo nice to be doing soemthing where people are actually pleased to see you. It's really reawakened my love of nailcare and I would love to now train to do extensions, the one thing i didnt get to do at college, so I could offer them privately.

Can anyone recommend a good course in the UK (preferably in the London area) that I could start with? Also any advice on learning about this side of nail-tech work would be very much appreciated.

Thanks and big hugs!
Hi hun

if you search on here for training etc, you will find a minefield of info, on courses and companies , and will hopefully answer any questions you have.

The best piece of advice i can give you, is choose a reputable company, Creative (CND) Ezflow, NSI, OPI etc, you probably cant go wrong with nay of these, stay away from unknown training academies, offering seemingly brilliant deals on training, i learnt the hard way, that these are not recognised by insurers etc,why not give your insurance a ring and see what courses they recognise etc, that would help

maybe someone else can help you with exactly whats available in London area

hope you find what you need hun xxxxx

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