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Nov 23, 2011
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Another planet.
Can anyone recommend a good nail glue simply for repairs to nails prior to Shellac treatments?

Just yesterday I repaired my nail that had ripped halfway across under shellac (was already weak before I shellac'd). I used (CND) Gelbond adhesive fantastic stuff it fills gaps and sets so quickly, the remaining product (excess) doesn't set so wipes away. A little filing to finish and re-shellac hey presto my nail is stronger than ever! Thoroughly recommend it xx
GelBond is the bomb and we use adhesive in the nail industry we do not use GLUE ... Sorry, I have a thing about professionals referring to products and using the wrong terminology .... Please don't say that even manufacturers say glue ... I know that SOME do (incorrectly) but that is no reason to use wrong terminology just because others do. :D. I'm sure doctors could refer to breasts as boobs but they don't do they! Professionals should speak professionally if they want to be respected as professionals at any rate.
I can't help with advice for repairs with adhesive because I've never used it to repair... I find fibreglass the easiest way.

Have a look at this and see if it helps?

Repair with Fiberglass in Shellac - YouTube
Thanks Geeks

I am usually on the ball with my professionalism but obviously slipped up with the glue, I mean adhesive ;) (Thanks Geeg!)

I will order some with my next order from S2 and see how I get on...never used adhesives before so I hope its relatively easy to use? r at least to learn to use?

Thankyou all :)

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