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Nov 29, 2015
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Hi All!

First I'd like to thank you all for your help and camaraderie for the past year and a half! You all helped me select my education path, you are a pool of encouragement and education and I just wish every single industry had a forum like this one! Everyone's missing out!

Through the past 17 months, I've discovered a ton about this industry and I continue to do so every day, so I thought I'd start a thread where hopefully we can all share our information resources. I mean all your favorite books, magazines, podcasts, blogs, facebook pages, everything and anything that you feel helps you weed out what is fact, what is fiction and make the right daily choices for you, your business, your clients.

It's hard to sift through all the online noise so it would be nice for us all to share things we've tried and tested.

I've started to blog recently so you can read further here:

This is a quick list of my current go-to people/resources:

- Doug Schoon: His facebook page, his site, his books. All a wealth of knowledge about the science and facts behind product components, application and hand and nail safety and biology.
- Marian Newman: She has launched a new The Complete Nail Technician manual. Very promising from the looks of the latest scratch Mag.
- Scratch Magazine - I wish there was an Irish publication that would compare to it. In my honest opinion, I haven't found one.
- The Nail Hub Podcast by Liz Morris.
- This Ugly Beauty Business Blog and Podcast.
- The Beauty Biz Show Podcast by Lori Crete.
- The Nail Addict Society group on Facebook.
The Nail Professionals Technical group on Facebook.

Would very much love to hear about your references!
Great idea!!!!
I can recommend a page on FB called Angel glitter mats..they sell all different mats to show off your nails :) like this baby doll one I have :)
Also Diamond glitters on FB they sell all sorts glitters and foils for.nails xView attachment 204387
I was thinking more informational rather than product, as that might cloud the thread a bit and there is plenty of that in the forums. However, much appreciated tip ;)
+ The Beauty Brains - podcast, forum and blog: they are cosmetic chemists and give you all the facts about beauty products. I've learned so much! They are the Doug Schoon of the face and hair industries!
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Ah well, even if it is for my own sake here's another. Kristie Meakin on behalf of Naio Nails UK does some very educational videos on YouTube. It does pain me a bit that they sell to anyone. But at least they have her backing the product sales with some Education.

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