Nail price list help


Hi Everyone.

So I'm doing Gel Manicures, but stuck on a price list.
I started with an introductory offer but trying to sort out my final prices
How much do people reccomend for doing Fingers or Toes, and then fingers and toes together.
I use the Manicure Compamy polish mainly...
I live in Hampshire if that helps.
Everyone varies so much with what they charge here I'm stuck on what to do....

Thanks everyone xx


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All good gel product suppliers will give you a cost per service break down. Get in touch with them and work out the costings down to even the few cotton wool discs that you use.
That will be a starting point, check the competition and maybe work it around that . Don't start cheaper than the nearby salons, as it is very difficult to raise prices . You can always offer loyalty or add on a luxury service to gain repeat clients.