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Fab Freak

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Dec 16, 2003
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Bondsville, West Yorkshire
:) Hi Nail Geeks, Happy New Year to you all..
I was wondering how many of you do nail sculpture out there & if so how often do you do this once a day once a week?
Look forward to your feedback ;)
all the enhancements i do are sculpts, not many people in my area do this so i like to offer something a bit different
At the moment I am only offering a sculpt when a client has a break - just trying to build up confidence and technique with it. I did some training with Liza Smith in the latter part of last year and she really helped me with technique. My biggest problem was applying my form and getting product oozing underneath and creating a ridge. Well I can safely say since that day, I have no ridge and my form application is getting better by the sculpt :D

If you're having problems have a 1-1, it really makes all the difference ;) .

hiya louise :D
sculpting is definately the way to go.
not only does it work out MUCH cheaper than tip & overlay, but once you've mastered it, will will eventually cut down your application time by 1/3 :D (at least).
there are a few situations when a tip is more benefitial, which is why i stock each tip shape just for those occasions, but i sculpt about 90% of the time!

why spend upto £2 more per new set unnecessarily?

why spend 20-40 mins extra applying & blending tips?

why remove someones nail & apply a tip when you could've just built out the missing piece?

just a few reasons to think about why perfecting your sculpting technique is the thing to do in 2004!

liza smith xxx
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