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Sep 17, 2003
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I thought it would be intresting to see what is the most popular nail shape round, oval, square? hexagonal?!!!! amongst your clients.

I personally prefer the square tip and im sure this is meant to be stronger is that correct or should it not make a difference?

Cristine :)
Morning Christine
Was nice chatting to you last night :D
The strength in the enhancement is nothing to do with the shape of the tip the strength is in the stress area which can be found by pressing on the tip of natural nail and you will see a white area under the nail (that is your stress area) ie when doing acrylic zone 2 will be slightly thicker to give the strength in the enhancement.
I am sure the Geeketts will correct me if I am wrong :shock:
Take care chat soon
Dawnie xxxx
hiya Dawnie

It was good chatting last night will be calling and say hi again.

Thats a great way to pin point the stress area. If the shape of the tip doesnt effect the strenght of enhancements do you think it would make a difference to the natural nail when doing mainicures?

Anyway whats your preffered shape for appearance?

speak soon
cristine :)
Hi Cristine,

Personally, my favourite shape is square but I know that round and stiletto shape are very 'in' at the moment. I think I remember Mrs Geek sporting a set of stiletto shape nails at Olympia. Is that right Mrs Geek?
This is probally obvious to everybody else but stilleto shape has been refered to so many times and im still not sure what this is. Is it when the tip is filed to a point?

christine :)
Yep siletto is filled to a point and Mrs Geek was wearing them at Excel and they flipping rocked :shock:
Take care Dawnie x
any piccys?????????

would love to c some
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