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Jan 28, 2003
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Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Hi Y'all

thanks for those of you who replied to my post about my new tiny salon. The mention of extraction and desktop filters etc was a point made by many of you. So this has now got me thinking.

As the salon itself is so small there is probably only room for 2 nail stations. I cannot have any which are too large as they would take up too much space. What would be your recommendations for a nail station with a desktop filter.

Do any of you use the Edysyn air filter? I did see it demonstrated in 2003 but was not really in the market for buying one at the time. Are they worth the investment? I do want to make sure that I have the correct extraction / air filtration in the salon for health reasons.

I am quite impressed by the Tec Dec by Talon Systems as it looks so cool and appears to have a good extraction system. However, two of these stations would take up too much space in the salon.

REM do a Domino nail station in white and crome with a desk top filter - anyone use one of these tables? What are they like for filtration?

Sorry for the technical type question but it is really important to me to get it right.

Any help would be brilliant.

Many thanks
Hiya, I used to use the Edysyn air filter which was good and I could tell the difference when I didn't use it (the charcoal filter was great for getting rid of the smell when clients had BO lol!) however I have expanded and go 2 nail desks with integral air filters and they are so much better. I am working in v limited space too and so did a lot of research for this. I got mine from the Hairdressong and Beauty Equipment Cntre (0207607 7475),they are single pedestal Italian in white and grey (they also do it in cherrywood) c/w air filter and were £280 EACH BUT i ASKED FOR discount coz I was buying 2 and get them for £250 each (plus vat) , with delivery came to £630 (vat incl). There is a little bit of self assembly involved but v easy to do - nothing like MFI! I ought to be on commission the times I have recommended them lol! I think they are about 39 inches wide if that is any help.

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