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Jan 12, 2003
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Bildeston, Ipswich
My sweetie of a husband (Damon, no not DAMIAN...God dammit!!) is going to make me a nail station, grrreat! However, I want it to be perfect. Somebody mentioned to me the other day that they had just ordered some workstations that had a shelf higher up for the client to rest her arms on, letting their hands rest in the perfect place for the tech. Therefore, the tech can sit with a nice straight back, no hunching (FAB). The bad news is that they cost about £800 (OMG).

Anybody got one of these (or similar) that they could post a piccie and maybe give the dimensions of?

I'd really love you (spiritually of course :D ) if you could.
Dizzy Dellie
My dh is in the process of building my table and what I had him do is make the table taller to suit me since I sit at it all day and I have adjustable chairs for the clients to situate themselves. Then I am going to make an armrest shaped at an incline so that their arms rest going up and the hands hang down. We are in calving season so it may be a bit before it is finished and I can post pictures. What I did is sit down and draw what I wanted it to look like, wrote what I expected it to do, what I wanted to put in it, and then he designed it from there.
?????? What????

We are in calving season...

:ack: :shocker: :silly:
lcn have a pic of one with a raised arm rest in the catalogue..maybe they might have it on web???
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