Nail tech training around work?


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Jan 17, 2016
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hello, I am just after any advice which can be offered. I am currently working full time but I am thinking about making a career change as I know the nail tech / beauty industry is much more me!
Problem is I have financial tie downs which mean the prospect of hanging up my job and training isn't on my agenda!
I'm wondering if anyone has faced this and can offer any advice I have looked at day courses - are these any good? Can you really build all the skills needed in a day! Or short college courses?

Any advice would be appreciated!

Thank you
I had the choice of either nights at my local college or to specialise in something through a brand like CND. I decided to do Shellac for beginners with CND and took two days off work. So now I can start offering shellac treatments around work. Hoping to build on this with more training as time goes on.

I do sometimes think I should have done the night course and then the shellac course but CND is good.
Thank you for your reply! That's what I've found as I've looked around, even college courses I wouldn't get to in time when I finish's tough! So that's why I have looked at the day courses, ill check out CND to start to build my skills.

I guess college courses have the benefit for a bit more support and practice!
Hi i speak from experience no you cant do it in one day! I did one day courses last year and I'm having to retrain. For acrylic I've retrained with cnd i highly recommend them and i just had to use a few days holiday from work! Hths xx
Also the support from cnd educators are amazing! I see you are Hampshire thats where i did my cnd training and she was soo lovely and always contactable on email! Xx
I think just concentrate on one thing first and then build up. I did shellac but eventually would like to do gel extensions too. But it has taken me a year to feel ready to set up properly doing shellac then if I can build up clients, feel confident etc. I will do the CND gel course.
Thank you guys! Really helpful I'll have a look at cnd - does anyone have a link at all to them? Sorry to be a pain but like to know I do it right ha x
If you look at sweet squared. Or your local sweet squared partner - mine is Creative Academy Manchester.
In US we have to go to school for months to qualify to take the licensing tests and then it still takes a lot of practice to get your skills and speed up to professional level. I can't imagine a one day training helping that much

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