Nail Technicians in South Australia?


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Mar 30, 2004
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Just wondering if there are any nail techs from South Australia on here?

My husband and I are looking into the possibility of emmigrating to Oz and am keen to speak to anybody currently in the nail business - any contacts much appreciated.

I currently work from home/mobile based and am keen to continue working in nails in Oz (if we ever get there!!!!!!!!!)

What products are available in Oz - Does anybody use Creative products?

Hi Madeline

Have a word with Annalooby coz i think she's in Oz.

Hope this helps.
Hi Madeline,

I am in Sydney, Australia which isn't exactly what you were asking but I hope I can help somewhat.

Over here we have OPI, Creative, NSI, EZflow which are a few producrts I know you may be familiar with.

Australia is a long way behind the US (IMO) in Nail technology. While we try hard we don't have huge shows and stuff over here that are very helpful. We do have a couple of beauty shows that are annual. But they definately aren't anywhere near the scale of what I have been told about shows in the UK and the states.

Apparently only 17% of women in Australia wear enhancements while I am told that number in the states is more like 70%. I don't know the figures for the UK.

South Australia is not somewhere I would choose to live unless I had to. It's the city of churches and they say they roll the footpath up and 5pm every night. Adelaide is a bit like a large country town. (So I am told)

I would look at Brisbane (if you are a laid back kinda person who likes the beach and summer kind of weather all year long but can cope with humidity)
Sydney (if you don't mind a ruh of people, enjoy mountains and history and beautiful buildings and scenery, beaches etc) and Melbourne if you are somewhere in between both. but don't mind the cold. I like Sydney cause it's not too cold (melbourne) and not too humid (brissy) And it's somewhere in the middle of the main travel areas (I am orginally from Melbourne and now do alot of travelling all over australia)

I don't know what else I can tell you but if you have anymore questions please don't hesitate to ask me.

Jadey :)
Hi Jadey

Thanks for providing so much info on both nails and oz - much appreciated. I will pass all this info on to hubby.

We are still very early days with the emigrating so I will keep you posted.

I'm guessing I should state (before I get my butt kicked by any angry south aussies who are out there) that these of course are my own opinions based on what I have seen. LOL.

Adelaide had a big Billboard up at one stage that said "Kick a Vic" Meaning kick a Victorian (neighbouring state) after they lost to us in a semi final footy game so they can be angry people :lol: :p

Jadey :)
Hi Maddie,

I just want to mention a very special person (& her husband) that I have met through attending the US shows-- her name is Jenny Markakis, she owns Fantastic Nails in Melbourne Australia......

Not sure if that is near you- but she is an AWESOME person, and an extremely talented and professional technician... if you would like I could email her to have her contact you???????

Just had to mention her- she's GREAT!!!

I was looking into emigrating myself, as I lived in oz for a year and loved every minute of it. Just to let you know, go on the visa realated sites and then into job search. There were jobs going in Brisbane and other places in oz. It gives you some idea of the demand in various areas for Nails, and they seem keen on Nail art.

Hope it helps a bit. If I was to move over I think I'd go to perth though or Cairns. Not a big city girl. However Brissy, Melbourne and Sydney are pretty laid back in comparison to Uk cities thats for sure.

Let us know your progress,
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