Nail Technicians please help, training questions


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Hello Everybody

Unfortunately I am having a few problems - myself and a friend really want to qualify as Nail Technicians, the main problem being we both work full time so cannot complete a full time course and have looked at part time courses but cannot get there in time after work.

The other options we have considered are distance learning courses or a short and quick course (i.e 5 days so we could book it off work). The trouble with this is that there are hundreds out there and we don't know which route to go for!

We have done quite a bit of research and there is so much info out there so slightly confused! but it seems as though CND is a good option although slightly out of our price range.

The main criteria for us is that as long as we qualify as nail technicians and are able to get liabilty insurance and go into a small business together, we don't really mind who we train with.

So, the question is, can anybody reccommend who we should train with? Can anybody also tell me if we need a certain level or type of qualification in order to be able to do this?

Any help would be much appreciated, thank you!


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I started a distance learning course to qualify as a level 3 Nail Technician, I am training with home-learn UK, and so far have found it a really great course.
You don't get help with product costs but you do get The Edge acrylic starter kit and The Complete Nail Technician an amazing book and you work through it along with the curriculum questions they set.
There's no time limit to complete so you can fit in it around your work

It still costs a bit, but it's reasonably priced and their website has different courses to chose from including a pay as you learn, I'd highly recommend having a look

hope this helps you both


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I would totally recommend the CND 5 day course. It's well worth saving for and being an intensive course it meant for me I learned quick and thoroughly.
Although the 5 days are not together, the first 2 were then it spread out over 2 weekly intervals I think so your attempts of nails on models were able to grow out so you could infill. Something like that anyway, it was a few years ago I did mine. Best thing I ever did though,
But you get your dates in advance so you could maybe book those days off work ahead of time?