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Nail Techs needed - cruise ships


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Steiner Recruit

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Oct 7, 2013
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Nail Techs needed to work on board luxury cruise ships.
Our Nail Techs are required to work to the highest standard and be professional at all times. You must be passionate, confident and hard working. You will be required to carry out lots of public speaking to promote your services to insure you are busy during your working hours.
You will be working 12 hours a day and could see 10-15 clients a day so you can’t be scared of hard work. The contracts are 9 months. This means you will be away from home for 9 months straight. Your time off will be given while you are on board. This will be no less than 1.5 days a week.
Your pay is commission however there is a minimum earning each month of $1000. You will have no living costs, travel costs or pay tax on any of the money you make. So the money you make is yours to save or spend.
If you want to travel the world, save money and do a job you love and enjoy please click this link NOW and fill out your online application form. https://www.onespaworld.com/main/Applicationform.aspx
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