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Mar 2, 2004
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Leeds, West Yorks
I know I'm cheating by using the white tips(!!). I'm using Creatives Radical French at the minute. Does anyone use any other white tips they can recommend??

You can't beat milleniums white tips!!! £11.99 + Vat for 400
God Diesel that is cheap :cool:
you took the words right out of my mouth,
millenium tips are great, i must say i tend to use creative rad french more often, but i have a box of both.

love jan x
God that IS cheap!! Where do you order them from??
Hi Heather
You can get them direct from millenium. I am sure someone on here will have the contact details for them as there website only gives prices for non proffessionals. I have never used any other white tip except milleniums they are fabarooney!!!!
I don't have any of the details i am afraid though but i am sure there has been previous posts on them so u could try a search!!! I no longer use white tips and have just recently sold all mine to carrie29......i may have a few floating about somewhere so if u wanna try b4 u buy so to speak pm me your addy and i will pop them in the post.
Tickety Boo!!
hi here is the telephone number for Millenium Nails 0800 169 6003

or 0191 487 5600

at the moment they have a summers specials on i have extra brochour if you want it
Hi Amanda (Diesel1978)...tried to PM you but you're full !!!!
Why not use More than white instead? Designer nails retail this product, its really good and saves you money...there are loads of post on this site on how to use it and a search and see what you can find... I don't habe to buy white tips anymore since being introduced to this product hope this helps...Louise

Yep I use millenium when I am doing fibreglass nails, would take longer to blend natural tips and then use more than white, and I follow up rebalances when the smile line is growing out with more than white.


Take care Dawnie x
me too - i use millenium nails - very good and cheap also. i dont use any other tips now that i found these
Thanks everyone for the info!

Louise - I will definately be buying the More Than White. Heard so many people talking about how good it is.
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