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Sep 29, 2003
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suffolk bury st edmunds
hi :D im new to the industry just qualified nvq2 beauty therapy and working in centre parcs. i am really interested in doing nail treatment false gel acrylic and nail art. i really just need some advice on where or who to train with and hopefully before christmas, as i have had some clients asking me for this tratment. any help would be great
hiya :D
if you take a look at most of the previous posts, or use the search facility(enter training) you will probably come to a decision!
if you don't manage to locate the right posts, then, even thou i'm possibly a teeny bit biased! i suggest you ring designer nails in leeds on 0113 275 5719.
they are the company responsible for distributing & educating creative nail design products.
they were the 1st nail company to win the "best training" award at the professional beauty awards this year.
the products speak for themselves, however i'm sure there are a few people on this site that will confirm what i say without having a vested interest!
happy hunting
hope you see the right direction :D
lol liza xx
if you look back on any other topics of this nature you will see that most people train with creative eventually and wonder why they didn't just do that in the first place!

There have also been a few posts recently where EZFlow has been popular. They have fewer locations for training though so not always an option.
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