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Sep 20, 2012
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South Africa
I have a client who came to me with horribly damaged nails. There is a clear distinction between the healthy nail re growth (solar oil) and the tips that are so damaged. My problem is her Shellac and Brisa smoothing are lifting from the back of the nail, not the free edge that is damaged. I say the back of the nail and not the cuticle area because I am well aware of touching the skin (which I have not been. Just to clarify I have been doing nails for a while). That what has me confused. Why is the Shellac not holding on the healthy nail? Sticks to the damn damaged area no problem. I'm thinking IBX. Hate doing it though. It takes so long or is that just me moaning?
It's likely because the damaged part is roughed up and the new growth part is smoother. A rougher area will cause better adhesion.
Also the damaged area will be more flexible and cause a lot of movement in the nail which will cause the product to pop up at the back.

Shellac is not made for damaged weak nails so she can not expect the same results as someone who does.

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