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What month Nails mag are you speaking of? Do you get a different one than we do in the states or are you talking about the same one? Just curious.

I agree with you totally. I was actually working last night and one of my clients was flicking through and just went 'urgh, they're disgusting!' :( To be honest I was quite embarrassed :oops: I always looked upon this magazine as a source of knowledge and to show me pictures of what I should try to acheive. But on seeing this month's magazine I'm very impressed with the nails that I do!!!

As for the step-by-step demonstration the nails look very bulky at the tip which is one thing that you do not want your nails to look like. Personally if I was one of the head people at Young Nails I would look at this photo and have a good think. Even my mum pointed out that the middle finger looked relatively round whereas the rest were 'fairly' square! :(


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Jan 12, 2003
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Well, I hadnt a clue as to what was being talked about in Chat last night -not until I received my copy of Nails this morning :study: .I was surprised by the front cover :shock: .I mean look, I'm a novice at a very basic level and even I can see that those nails are unbalanced -length of white /smile line etc. I also think that the nails on page 30 of the same feature look too clumpy & 'flared'. I dont mean to sound over critical but :rolleyes: - as someone new to the industry I still have a very open mind as to what system to settle with and these companies are doing themselves no favours by using such pics in their advertising.I would have expected them to follow similar rules to sell their product as competitions -ie a model with good natural long beds - not stubby flat ones. And as I pressume they're using experts to do these nails it leaves a mere novice as myself thinking 'hmm, dont think much to the look of their system' and over the page I go. Dunno if I'm too picky but we're preached to about standards. Magazines are where I expect to see them but I dont seem to see much evidence of them :!:
Hi Patti,

I think it is a different mag. :( But for anyone else it is the March issue that has just been published.
nail_star2003 said:
Hi Patti,

I think it is a different mag. :( But for anyone else it is the March issue that has just been published.

Can you post a pic....I'm very curioius to see it :twisted: What is on the cover?
the ez flow nails are lovely,and the side walls are nice and straight ;)
lol :shock:
Our British Mag was called Nails Plus but they have recently knocked the 'plus' off. Seriously you would die if you saw the step-by-step, it is absolutely horrendous. As for Tom - if he saw it he would die. :gun:

This is the problem - you get people jumping on the 'nails' band wagon for the money - they want to become distributors but can't do nails - if some one could post the step by step it would be cool because it will show you just how much a bad tek can make a decent product look totally awful!!!!

I am seroiusly pleased that you guys are now properly critiquing these nails - you see, you can see a difference and it DOES make you feel somewhat better when you see 'published' awful work and you know you're doing a better job - think I am now rambling (there's a change) - will leave!!! ;)
groovynails said:
the side walls are nice and straight ;)
lol :shock:


just for everone elses info... she is being cheeky... for that matter so am I! We had this discussion about straight lower arches in the chat room last night!

Straight lower arches=fat, thick looking nails.

fat, thick nails=ugly nails.

Which is fine if your salon is called Mingin Nails n beauty
Ok.....glad we got everything clarified because at first, I thought they were talking about the March (US) Nails Magazine cover that Tom did....they mentioned Young Nails in there and I was TOTALLY confused (not that that takes much....blond ya know :silly:

If that was the cover that was being talked about, I was going to have to send my glasses over because the nails are BEAUTIFUL on that cover...LOL
Is it possible for someone to scan and post the pics so we can all see how not to do nails? 8)
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