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Apr 30, 2012
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Hi I'm new to nails and currently learning sculptured , but I keep getting tiny little air bubbles , how is it best to get them off the nail , I'm also using a medium strength acrylic , is this best, thanks for any tips x
Your profile doesn't give us much information. Also it doesn't have you down for nails only beauty, tanning and lashes.

Who are you training with and what products are you using? This can all help us give better advice.

Ang :)
I have had the same problem. I searched the forum and found a couple useful tips to try out. Think I am not leaving the bead to settle for long enough and I wipe my brush before I work it. As a pp said it depends on what system you are using I think and your technique.
I am training with Essential Nails. And the products I am training with is "Dream". No matter what I do there are tiny bubbles in my acrylic once
It goes on the nail. They are ok at the minute because I am still training on Pink acrylic and therefore I paint the nails so the bubbles aren't visible. But soon I will be moving on to pink and white and don't think anyone will be happy with bubbles in their nails :-(. Any advice you can give me would be appreciated c
are you soaking the whole brush in the liquid before picking up your bead? This could be the reason you are getting them :idea:
Yes I am. I am training from a DVD and a prosthetic hand. The teacher on the DVD tells me to dip in the acrylic and then drain off excess using the side walls of the dapping dish. So I "think" I doing it right but obviously I am doing something wrong. I dont have a teacher to ask so your tips are very much appreciated 👍 x
If you're with essential nails then give them a ring. They are really helpful. I started off with them and they do give a lot of support. There is an essential nails group on here too that may also be able to help you. X
I'm training with them too. It's quite common I think for everyone starting off to bubbles in the acrylic. I am draining off quite so much of the excess of the liquid and it's helping but I still get some.

I'm going to try not wiping the brush after I set the beads on the nail and see if that helps.
Sorry . . . it could be down to the product you're using. I haven't used Dream but it's certainly not up there with the top-end products and I have read on this forum that the Dream products are not up to much.

So it may not even be you x
It could be any number of things causing the bubbles its hard to say with out seeing :D

as you are a beginner then your mix ratio is a strong possibility
Mix ratio
between your polymer powder and liquid monomer is one of the hardest things to learn with L&P at the start ,
once you get it right you will have to rember how and do that every time :) !

here is a helpfully tutorial from this site written by Geeg
it is also an excerpt from her book nailclass .
I use NSI and I notice that when I pat and press the bead too much, I get bubbles. To get rid of them, I just gently 'stroke' the bead (like a polish) and they disappear. Could you be overworking the product?

Thanks everyone for your tips, I'll try them all. Thanks again 😄

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