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Jan 16, 2004
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hi eeryone the internet has been off my computer a couple of days dont know why:confused: well my course came on wedensday i am now going toneed more ventelation as i just have a window any one know where i can get one from i want to be spot on before istart and have all the appropiate things

lynda;) :lol: :lol:
Hi Lynda

It is good you are wanting to realise the safety aspect of your course. :biggrin:

The main factor is the dust that is caused while you are training - unless you are fan bloody tastic at creating the perfect nails, then to begin with you will rely on your filing to get the correct shape.

There are alot of things to help against dust and fumes here are just a few.

Wear a dust mask - change regularly - and when doing Clients offer them to wear one.

Have about 3/4 layers of paper towel on your cushion/towel so you can fold up and put into the bin at regular intervals.

Your breathing zone (about the size of a beach ball infront of your face) is the area to be looked after. Try not to bend too far down to get close to the nails.

Wash your hands - otherwise you will find parts of your face, arms whatever you touched can become red and itchy.

If you are working with monomer and polymer (acrylic) then only use what is needed for the job. Don't fill your dappen dish right up to the top. Always replace the lid when not in use.

Throw away paper towel that is used to clean/wipe your brush on - into a bag in a metal lidded bin - and tie up the bag and put into an outside bin as often as poss.

If you need a few other things as it it good "to start as you mean to go on"
These threads are very helpfull:

or go to search and put in all the things you can think of and the answer will be there!!!!
take care
thank you for your reply smiler iv got my list ready will let you no how i do:D

What course are you doing?
hi im doing the acrilic tip and overlay. iv had a few calls for these but had to turn peeple away, so i decided to start the course. at the moment i do manicure and pedicure on natural nails i have 5 regular clients so far i started working from home in jan this year:)

Is it the Essential Nails home learn course?

Manicures and pedicures are very theraputic (that doesn't look right pardon the spelling lol) not only for the client but yourself - do you agree.

I started using the spa manicure and it is heaven on earth - the clients think it is dreamy.

The above course is how i started out and then went onto do the whole caboodle and it is a fantastic experience - you will love it - as i'm sure you already are.

Keep me posted on how you get on with your course and good luck!!
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