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Mar 24, 2004
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Hey fellow Geeks, need the usual help and advice please.

i am going to book an advanced day training with Star Nails using my acrylic L&P and have been told i need a model. This involves spending the day with myself from 10am till 4pm in Basildon.

If anyone is willing to do this for me i will glagly pay for your lunch plus you get your nails done for free.

The other thing that worries me is what happens if you think you have a model then they don't show up on the day and let you down...will i lose my money and waste my time??? I don't think the use nail trainers so i'm not sure if that's an option.

Can anyone help? What do you all do when you need a model? I am loathed to pay for it yet as don't want to waste my money.
I'm doing my beginners manicure and nail ext courses in Weybridge (star nails) later this month and I too have to find models. My Mums modelling one day for me but I need her to look after my eldest on the other days so I can actually do the course! My best friend is looking after my youngest for me on all the days and she has a baby too anyway so thats her out.

I've asked 4 or 5 friends but you can't expect people to take time off work to do it really. I'm still waiting for a few replies but if all else fails it will be my very annoying mother in law or my 84 year old grandmother with nail extensions - groovy granny!!!.

They don't let you use a nail trainer as far as I know.

Good luck, hope you find someone!

Just a thought could you not use someone who is also going on this course to model and then vice a versa.

Im in Ipswich which is'nt too far from you and I would of loved to model for you and I could of picked up some tips from you but unfortunately I dont drive.

Why not try advertising in your local newsagents, paper, hairdressers etc, Im sure someone would snap up the chance of having some extensions for free.

Good Luck

Sarah xxxxx
I too found myself in the situation in that my 'paired partner' on the nail course did not show for the final day, no exam, no practical, nothing. Basically I did my set on another trainee so rather than her only having one hand done she ended up with a full set, one by me & the other by her 'paired partner'.

Why not ask Sallys' to put a notice up near the 'training board' requesting the need for a model & leave your name at the counter. You never know if you don't ask & you may end up with a potential client. Further more, ask one or two mums at the school/playgroup, we could all do with some FREE PAMPERING.
Do you have a local college as you could put a notic eup there, mainly as students may have a free day or even a mature student may be able to do it for you
hi as far as i know if you still need a model i can make it jon has to confirm it with his boss on monday speak soon
Hey everyone, thanks for all your suggestions. Didn't think about putting up notices or asking Sally's to put a note up for me. Its great to know everyone's willing to help.

Thanks to emmalouise i think i now have one so i really appreciatte all your help guys, you are all one in a million.

Hey Emma i will confirm what is needed on Monday once i have phoned Star nails, but i do think it will be a full set of either sculpts or tips with L&P.

Chat soon.:D
I`ve only just seen this post or I would have offered for you. Good luck with it. x
thanks Debs, i will find out for definate if Emmalouisa can do it for me beginning of next week, so if anything goes wrong may still ask.:D
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