Need a pat on the back..


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Mar 14, 2007
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Helsinki, Finland
Have you gals (and guys) ever had this feeling..? After 100's of sets of nails I feel like I've done none before..
I'm feeling soooooooooooo unconfident with everyting I do at the moment.. My clients still love their nails but, some of them can read me like an open book.. They can see if I'm unhappy with my my work, even though I'm trying not to show it; they may look for faults just because I look like there were plenty.. But that's not even the point..
It's about what I see and how I feel. and the weak way I feel is not about being a perfectionist, nor pressing myself to something I'm not capable of.. It's propably about that I dont't know myself what look and shape I'm looking for!!.. Messed up with a comp nai and a salon nail.?.
I work solo in the corner of a hairdresser's, which doesn't help my situation.; there's no colleague to comment my daily work. (no point to attach photos on this post; I'd collect the best ones which wouldn't give you the full picture of my daily work ;))
There's thousands of you dear colleagues out there.. and all I can actually ask for is a pat on the back!.
Recongnize Your clients coming back week after week and Paying you be your daily compliment.
yes it is nice to hear sometimes but it really shouldn't be necessary, you should be able to say.."Nice job there kiddo."
When no one else is around to do it, pat yourself on the back..even if you are over critical of your nails.

Ask one of the hairstylist to just mosey over to the table and take a peek, make it so the client doesnt know what she is doing, let the stylist afterwards critque your work, ask her questions about what she liked with the nails and what she didn't like..

Pat on the back..Well done!!!!

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