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Feb 18, 2011
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Hi All

Thanks in advance for reading this. Well my story is I opened a beauty salon 3 years ago. iv been relatively busy, have a girl come in once a week doing gel nails and also another girl that helps out on busy days or if I need a day off. I get a wage be it small every week and im floating along.

But lately were being talking about taking out a mortgage for our 1st home and it got me thinking that I cant survive on what I have and so I need to attract more new customers but how do I go about this. I know the lynn tread but iv done what I can on that.

Any help please :)
If you have done everything you can marketing wise it comes down to 2 things. Patience and time. Takes years to become established now days for businesses.
I am in exactly the same spot Hun 3 years in business and me and my partner are getting house next year lol
There is only me in my shop so I have a bit more money coming in but my boyfriend is self employed also so it really does come down to been patient it maybe year after before I can move out :(
Just advertise as best you can take pics of your work n spread em round fb, get a poster made with your pics on weather it's eyelashes, nails, spray tans, have an open evening.
You will get there chick a lot is word of mouth and a lot of patience you will get there xxxx
There's an excellent thread by lynne baker on SalonGeek, "more ways to promote your business" xx

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Thanks for the replays :) it's so frustrating. Today is nearly done, I been here since 9am and have made about €50 , it's disheartening it really is. Do ye have any ideas for promotion nights as il will be open 3 years next month, something to get new people in!!
We have just had an open day which was very successful. I sent out invites to all my existing clients, totalling about 250 invites. I posted it on FB and paid to boost the post, encouraging clients to bring a friend. We had the Environ rep here (for which there was no charge) and I did make overs, all free of charge. I provided wine and canapes which a friend did. We got every single person to fill in a consultation form and as a thank you we gave them a £10 voucher to use towards a treatment. We took a lot of bookings that day, had over 60 bodies through the door and took over £1200 for Jane Iredale make up, Environ skin care and 3 for 2 facials - all had to be paid for on the day.

We will definitely do this again in about 6 months for our first anniversary, but would not bother with nibbles - would just do crisps/doritos etc and a glass of wine/tea or coffee. Sending out invites isn't cheap, but clients really appreciated it!
We are right off the beaten track, so virtually no passing trade.
People need to see your name again and again before they automatically think of you linked to the services you offer!
Good luck x
Would just add that we got a lot of new clients, but also got lots of clients interested in our skincare range. A lot of companies will support an open day - My Silhouette rep said she would come if we wanted her to, but we ran out of space!!!

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