Need help with damaged hair!


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Jun 7, 2020
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Was wondering if anyone could help me:

I’m a natural dark blonde and I’ve been having platinum blonde highlights for years. I’ve always looked after my hair so even with bleach and heat styling, it’s always in really good condition.

Back in January I visited a different salon which is more high end for the area I live in. There were a number of problems with my visit which has ultimately lead to my hair being damaged and I no longer know what to do.

Firstly, the highlights were initially orange at the root, which had never happened to me before (I ended up needing two visits after the initial appointment to rectify). I think the stylist just re-did the entire section (as opposed to the root perhaps) on both occasions that I returned, which has left me with a lot of breakage around my face and sections of my hair which are literally still purple from the toner.

The cut was also a problem: she seemed to rush it (this was at the initial visit) and as a result is much shorter than I asked for. Even with the damage to the ends, I’m scared to have much cut off because it’s so much shorter than I’d like.

I don’t know if there’s anything I can do to try and revive my ends at the moment? I’m using hair masks regularly, as well as leave in conditioners and oil after any styling (I only use heat after I’ve washed it which is 3 times a week). I definitely need a trip to the salon when they’re back open, but I really don’t want to lose a significant amount of length. I should also note that I’m a student, so I can’t afford any elaborate service/products.

Hope someone can help!
Hello, I found that using the olaplex shampoo and conditioner has really helped improve the condition of my hair after being heavily bleached! You can also get a treatment that you are able to leave on for a minimum of 10 minutes, but can leave it on overnight! It is slightly expensive, but I find it works wonders! I am also a fan of moroccanoil repair shampoo! If not, the Redken extreme range are good as well and slightly cheaper.
I always tried to have my hair up as much as possible and not use any heat where possible! I know you don’t really want to have it cut but even having the smallest amount off every 6-8 weeks would help keep it fresh on the ends.
I hope this helps!
Thank you - I will definitely try some of those products and hopefully salons will be open soon so I can get it trimmed :)
Thank you - I will definitely try some of those products and hopefully salons will be open soon so I can get it trimmed :)
Your welcome! I hope that helps! & yes I hope so too!
If your hair is dry, it needs moisture. Too much protein can cause further breakage so on fragile hair only use a protein based treatment about once a week or even once every two weeks.
Thank you, I didn’t know that!

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