1. R

    Hair chair for rent in Angel, Islington

    Angel Faces salon in N1 London Searching for a new hairdresser, with their own clients, to rent one of our hairdressing chairs in our professional hair and beauty salon. Please contact 07882532890 or email
  2. M

    Mobile vs home salon

    I’m a 34 yr old mobile hairstylist and have been for 8 years, having worked in salons for 8 years prior to that. I have managed to build a very successful business and it currently works well in my life. However, I can’t see myself doing it forever and it’s very physically tiring, lugging all...
  3. M


    Hello wondering if you guys can give me some help , when we do a balayage on natural hair on a level 4 , if I glaze or tone ( think both mean the same?) if I do it after I have balayaged with bleach and foiled aswell , if I apply say a semi level 9 or a 10 all over the persons hair will it...
  4. K

    Hair extension suppliers

    Hey. I’ve just qualified in tapes, nano, micro rings and micro weave. I’ve been looking into hair suppliers and seen a lot of people on here recommend euphoria one but I can’t seem to find any pictures of people’s hair with it in, I was stuck between using angel remy (which my trainer...
  5. D

    Hair extensions - help starting up business!

    Hi everyone! I’m new here! I’ve just completed a hair extension course for microloop and nano rings. I want to start up in self employment but don’t know how to go about it! I currently work 20 hours a week in a bar and my wages get topped off with universal credit as I have a young son. I want...
  6. valourhairdressing

    SW hair extensions

    Hi I am looking into SW Hair Extensions. Has anyone tried them, if so what do you think? Thank you x
  7. K

    Colouring over a few red highlights?

    Hi guys, so I had a client today who wanted to try something new.. she's 90% grey and wanted some red highlights on top (literally a scattered few) she now has decided she doesn't like it with the grey and wants to go for an all over blonde. So like an 8 level. I used 77/46 for her highlights...
  8. S

    Mobile hairdressing

    Hi. I've been in industry 8years, a mobile beautician for a year and just starting to offer hairdressing on mobile basis as been doing hair for couple years. I've done cuts but would like to start colouring again. I like igora. My question is: what colours do I need to get to get me started...
  9. Hairbyadamphilip

    Hair colour advice

    I have a lady messaging me who went to someone else and made her hair too warm when she showed them the photograph also attached. She wants it darker but with the lighter bits still subtlely showing through. Would you guys put a semi darker on it? Any help is appreciated x
  10. Hairbyadamphilip

    Best toners for beige blonde?

    Hey guys, Looking for recommendations for beige blonde toners that you guys love!
  11. K

    Curly hair anti-perm

    Hi I am a sixteen year old male and have really curly hair, I was wandering if there was a sort of anti perm thing I could get to make my hair more wavy than curly and was wandering if a hair dresser could do it if there was ?
  12. S

    Strain and hairstyling

    I am a 4th year student at the University of Strathclyde carrying out my final year project based on developing a product to reduce the strain (in hands, wrists, shoulder etc.) due to everyday use of hairstyling tools. I would be extremely grateful if any hairdressers could take a few moments to...
  13. Mollie Tate

    Hair extensions advice needed

    Hi I recently qualified in a hair Extensions course with glamorous length however I’m struggling to get it going (neither for myself or for the company I work for). How should I advertise them (I’ve have offered them on my Facebook) but once people had come in for a consultation they either...
  14. mayra556

    Looking for a partner

    We are looking for a partner who mainly sells premium good quality hair, such as Nano ring hair extensions, tip glue hair, tape hair, flip in hair extensions waiting for message from the salon, hair shop
  15. henyeboah

    $230 for color, good or too much?

    Hi, I plan to get my hair bleach and toned to a light blonde. I have dark 4C hair that has been dye(black). What is a reasonable price point? I know it will take two sessions to get that color I want. so per session is $230 a reasonable price.
  16. D

    Professional hair extensions supplier

    Hi, Can any of you recommend a decent hair supplier for extensions?? And if so why? I feel like iv went through numerous suppliers and there’s still a major issue somewhere and then Some suppliers are changing £50+ just for a colour ring for me just to get it and the hair to be yet again...
  17. A

    Quote on hair extensions

    Hello there, I would like to ask how do you quote clients, I always look for a high end supplier and a mid range one that is also good and give both quotes to clients but I think this may be putting the client off as the high end is very expensive and they think the mid range is not as good. How...
  18. Aish

    New to extensions, need to find good well priced brand

    Hey all, So I’m new to extensions and have trained in fusion bonding, easy shrinks, micro rings/links, nano rings and mini tubes. I have friends that want micro rings/nano rings fitting and Ive said I will only be charging them for the hair so I can get a bit of practice in before opening fully...
  19. GirlInNeedOfHelp

    My hair is driving me insane, help please!

    Hi I have super curly hair naturally and it’s not a nice super curly. It does my head in and can’t get it tamed. I would love to have it a bit straighter but every time I use hair straighteners my hair goes massively frizzy and it only lasts a couple of hours at the most because it’s too humid...
  20. C

    How to fire a hair client?

    Ive been doing my ladies hair for 2 years now from home. All she has is a full head of bleach 6% highlights. She’s a base 5 but the bleach normally goes very white. I done her hair 6 weeks ago and the roots went ginger. Baring in mind she was 9 months pregnant so i did explain that her...