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  1. L

    Extension course & questions

    I am looking to start going into hair extension training. Unfortunately I am not a hair dresser so I am struggling to find a good course, does anyone have any recommendations? Do these courses have to be HABIA approved also? I would be looking to do invisible weft and micro rings. I also wonder...
  2. K

    Can you make a living doing only blowouts?

    i’m in cosmetology school, and i feel my strongest point is blowouts. could i make a living (or just good money in general) by maybe working at a blowout bar and doing brazilian blowouts? would i be making as much money if i was a colorist?
  3. L

    Hair extension stockists

    Hi everyone, just a quick post as I’m looking for a couple of hair suppliers just as back ups. I use to use Hair port but this was a good few years ago now and I’m starting to do hair extensions again. I currently use Additional Lengths because the quality is really good for the price but was...
  4. Amyloudon

    Women’s VCTC Hairdressing Level 2 Certificate?

    Hi lovely ladies & gents, Its a long time since i was last on here. I lost my job due to COVID and have started up my hair extension business which im loving again :-). I cam across this course at my local college, Its and VCTC level 2 certificate (not diploma) and is a part time/1 year course...
  5. I

    Hair colouring help

    Im planning on toning my hair myself but I don’t know anything about how to mix the colors together. I’m using Redken’s shade EQ, I provided a chart and the color I want to get to. If anyone is experienced, please let me know what colors I should mix together. Thank you...
  6. L

    Help with Wella Koleston Perfect me + special mix?

    Just getting started in hair colouring as I'm more focused on skincare. Did some research on wella koleston as a friend offered to help me out and picked a shade she liked. For special mix, do I have to mix it with another colour creme too? I successfully bleached her hair and have ordered...
  7. klouise

    Advice for an apprentice trial

    Hi! I had an interview for an apprenticeship on Friday and was contacted later that afternoon about doing a trial shift next week. I said yes and really hoping I am successful, the apprenticeship is at one of the best salons in my city and they have a great reputation for their training. During...
  8. M

    Need help with damaged hair!

    Was wondering if anyone could help me: I’m a natural dark blonde and I’ve been having platinum blonde highlights for years. I’ve always looked after my hair so even with bleach and heat styling, it’s always in really good condition. Back in January I visited a different salon which is more...
  9. E

    Trade accounts for retailers

    Hello, I am hoping to start a business selling hair extensions and i’m currently researching suppliers. I have noticed that most suppliers require a qualification in hair dressing (which i don’t have) in order to open up a trade account. However, I have found some that will allow you to open up...
  10. K

    Soprano Ice

    Hi everyone, I’m a fully qualified beauty therapist, I’m really considering offering laser hair removal, I’d like to use the soprano ice machine. Do I need to train with them exclusively? I’ve tried to look online but can’t seem to find any information? Do I just do a good laser hair course and...
  11. G

    Hair extension trade accounts

    Hi all, I’ve just completed my training to do hair extensions. I’m looking to open up some trade accounts with two different suppliers, a low/mid range and a high range. I was recommended to use beautyworks however I’ve read you have to pay to open an account with them. I’ve also been...
  12. F

    Hair extension courses!

    Hi everyone xx I’m hoping someone can help me! I want to do a hair extension course and I’ve been trying to research the best one. There seems to be a lot of mixed reviews about most courses (and lots of fake positive reviews it seems) so it can get really confusing! I’ve chosen Maxwell Malia...
  13. T

    Hairdressers - bored & want to kill some time?

    Hi everyone! I hope you're all doing well and keep safe during these weird times. My friend and I are psychology students and currently conducting a research project investigating how hairdressers might advise a potential client to cut their hair based on the client's request and hair...
  14. H

    Wella brunette

    Hi guys I have a client wanting you go this colour after lockdown She is a natural 6 and her ends have previously been balayaged I use wella and I was thinking of toning her ends like a 6/37 in KP? Would this work? thanks in advance x
  15. M

    Norwegian hair colour advice

    hello geeks! looking for norwegian hairdressers, can anyone tell me where I can purchase salon quality hair colours? thank you I can't seem to find anywhere online
  16. N

    Help from fellow experienced hair extension technicians

    Heyy everyone, Bit apprehensive about posting my own thread lol but I've scoured the internet long enough and getting absolutely no where so here goes. I qualified in hair extensions fairly recently and to be honest struggling to get clientele as I am not currently a hair dresser or work in...
  17. S

    Training room rent advice

    Hiya I’m just after some advice, I have a hair dresser who rents a chair in my salon. We are also a training academy and have a separate training room with 5 stations for this. My hairdresser has been approached to be a educator for a extension course and they want to use my training room to...
  18. F

    Training in hair or beauty at 30

    Hey everyone I’m new to the site and just really wanted some genuine advice I’m turning 29 this month, I have a 9 month old daughter and I need a career. I’ve always had a passion for hair and beauty and I’m itching to start a course at my local college but I’m at a real crossroads as to which...
  19. H

    Wella lowlight help

    Hello can someone give me advice please. I use wella, what is the best way to lowlight on blonde hair? I can’t work out if I’m doing it wrong.. I don’t know why but when I do someone’s hair with lowlights and they wash it after a few times (with good shampoo) it all just merged into one colour...
  20. E

    Colour correction

    #1 Okay so my client went to another hair dresser they have dyed her mid lengths very very brass. Her ends are somewhat ashy and he roots are growing through. She wants me to get all of her hair to a multi tonal golden blonde with a slightly darker root shadow. my plan is to highlight/baby...