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    Hair extensions

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  2. 1

    Need help, new to extensions!

    Hi, so I’m not impressed with the hair quality of the extensions my stylist gave me I want the best of the best. I was going to order from, not sure if this website is trusted? Has anyone ordered from them and have a good experience? If not what are similar brands for Euro or...
  3. stace

    Salon space available for hair pro’s, Leicestershire

    An exciting opportunity to join a thriving village salon in the heart of Anstey, Leicestershire as a self employed hair professional. Are you a hair professional looking for a new home? Essential hair and beauty are looking for talented individuals to join our team, in a self employed...
  4. G

    Balayage trouble

    Hi all, new here! Hoping to discuss an issue I've been having.. So, balayage. One of my all time fav services to do and I take pride in knowing that my clients are always happy with their balayage. However, I've noticed when colouring finer hair (fine hair but lots of it, resulting in a very...
  5. K

    5.1 going warm on client’s roots?

    Hi, Just after a bit of advice for a client I have in when back to work.. my client loves flat dark hair, but doesn’t want to be too dark that it looks black! I use 5.1 igora on her and it goes flat dark when done, Then she says it goes warm on the roots after a couple of washes, I told her...
  6. nghtshd3

    Hair tool advice

    Hey everyone, so looking to buy some stuff for my hair it as I'm a mobile hair and makeup artist. Should I buy muliple size wands or an automatic hair curler which would be best fo my kit? Thanks in advance
  7. R

    Tech to better your business: research solutions on impact of Covid-19

    Hello there, Hope everyone is well during these very tough times. My name is Ruben Cardoso and I am currently doing a Masters degree in Artificial Intelligence & Data Analytics at the University of Bradford based in the UK and the reason why I am approaching you is because I am doing research...
  8. H

    Hair wigs help

    Hi, I’ve recently done a wig course & I wanted to get into making wigs & drawstring ponytails, there’s a couple of questions I’d like to ask someone about the ponytails if anyone could help me? Thank you
  9. B

    Assignment help please

    Hi guys I’m currently in my hairdressing training and because of Covid it’s assignment based now instead of exam, my colouring and lightening the hair unit is due tonight and I think I’ve don’t a good job there’s just one thing I’m struggling with and thats factors to consider when using quasi...
  10. L

    Wella Koleston brown help

    Hi all hope you're well , just wondering what you would use to achieve this colour from a level six , i also use koleston any help would be appreciated thanks
  11. J

    Burgundy/plum hair colour recommendations

    Hello everyone :) looking for advice on how to achieve this colour I’ve attached. will be putting the colour on a base 6 ends and roots are a 7. I used wella or L’Oréal, I was thinking wella 55/65 and for the roots I would mix some base 4/0 in. But let me know what you think :) Thank you
  12. R

    Back to original hair colour

    Hello everyone, I‘m trying to get back to my original hair color: And my hair currently looks like this: It’s been bleached and toned with Wella Color Touch. All the hairdressers in my country are currently closed because of Covid so I am hoping that you can lead me into the right direction...
  13. K

    Scalp irritation after bleaching

    Hi, so yesterday I recently got my whole head bleached, and went through a lot of pain, which was made known to my hairdresser. She continued and said that it was normal. I had told her I had seborrheic dermatitis and had an extremely sensitive scalp. By the end of the session my hair was...
  14. ellamayyya

    Help with hair color - level 2/3 to level 5

    Trying to achieve a level 5 warm ash-brown on my sister's level 2(3?) very dark brown virgin hair. I'm a novice at dyeing, so I'd really appreciate some help on how to go about it. Should I tint or bleach? What are the best products to use? I've attatched pictures of the current hair color and...
  15. Fjo3

    Green crazy colour help!

    Hi I recently put purple crazy colour over my blonde balayage (I have naturally dark hair) and it’s gone a horrible green colour with some bright blue bits. I really want my blonde back and I have no idea how to do it. I’ve heard baking soda, ketchup (??), dish soap, but I don’t know if these...
  16. modernlydie

    A little something to bring you some festive cheer!

    So, in the first lockdown, my colleagues and I put together a parody of the Frozen song 'Let it go'. We got so fed up of clients asking us what to do with their hair so we created 'Let it grow'! So many people enjoyed it and it got shared all over the world. I noticed this time, lockdown has had...
  17. L


    Hi all! Hope you’re all well? I have a client coming in December, she has around 3 inches of root growth. She’s a natural level 5 but she usually lifts to a clean 9 (she’s always had a full head of back to back highlights) She’s sent me this photo of what she wants. I’m thinking full head of...
  18. Z

    New hair extensions supplier

    Hay girls, Wondering if anyone can help me. I have been using Euphoria one supplier as my cheaper range for around 8 years their quality has dropped dramatically, the weight isn’t correct the ends are thin and a few clients are staring to complain the extensions are matting and above all my...
  19. L

    Extension course & questions

    I am looking to start going into hair extension training. Unfortunately I am not a hair dresser so I am struggling to find a good course, does anyone have any recommendations? Do these courses have to be HABIA approved also? I would be looking to do invisible weft and micro rings. I also wonder...
  20. K

    Can you make a living doing only blowouts?

    i’m in cosmetology school, and i feel my strongest point is blowouts. could i make a living (or just good money in general) by maybe working at a blowout bar and doing brazilian blowouts? would i be making as much money if i was a colorist?