1. X

    Hair extensions with a wave

    Anyone know do any extensions with a wave when naturally dry? I can’t afford over two thousand dollars for great lengths and I’m not too keen on the process of them. I’ve heard euphoria one but yet I’ve heard bad experiences? I’m looking for nanos
  2. E

    Help, over processed hair!

    I moved to a new city recently and subsequently went to a new hairdresser after some research. They had really nice pictures on their portfolio so I thought there wouldn’t be a problem. Quickly I came to realize it was quite the mistake when she applied 30 vol. bleach all over my blonde...
  3. Yasminbrooke

    Silver hair extensions, will they grab toner more than clients own hair?

    I have a new client who has silver hair and I have matched her hair to some silver extensions from my supplier. What I’m wondering is when her hair needs toning again can she also tone the extensions? She wouldn’t need to as they’re already silver but should she just section her own hair and...
  4. X

    Remi Cachet or Angel Remy extensions

    I’ve seen that the remi cachet nanos are 0.5g or 0.7g per strand? All other brand are 1g or 0.9g. Why is remi cachet less? Heard Angel remy is good but they dry awful when left? I’m looking for extensions with natural when left to dry but I can’t seem to find any. Would any recommend good...
  5. X

    Hair extensions help! UK extensions to Australia

    So I live in Perth Australia , and I’m looking to get nano’s. The quality of hair over in Australia is terrible - well the ones I’ve seen, I’m going to be spending around $xxx for 200g and installation so it’s not as if I’m looking for CHEAP. I was going to get great lengths but I don’t have...
  6. H

    Hair extensions course recommendations

    Hiya geeks, Looking for a recommendations on the best hair extensions course? I’ve been looking at SJK or Hair Extension Academy but I’d love some first hand recommendations?
  7. Jenniferpowell.x

    Hair extension suppliers

    Hi, very new to this page.. but can anyone recommend a good hair extension supplier? I’ve looked into angel remy and sway and heard & seen mixed reviews about both .. Can anyone recommend anything else? Thanks
  8. Yasminbrooke

    Hair extension price list help

    I’m currently working out my price list and have all my costs for each method but I’m struggling with my maintenance and refit costs. I also know that what people offer in their maintenance appointment varies a lot too which is a bit confusing (pushing them up, refitting them all, just checking...
  9. M

    Finger/hand tattoos

    Hi everyone! This is my first post on here so I hope this is okay I am just after some advice, I have 13 tattoos all over some covered some not and that has never been a problem at my work place (I’m incredibly lucky) BUT I have always wanted a hand tattoo and some finger tattoos. I know what...
  10. C

    Other brand equivalent of Ion 8.34

    Hi, So I’ve recently discovered that my go-to hair colour is now no longer available on Sally’s - it’s either been discontinued or it’s just been out of stock for the last 2 months. For years I’ve beeb using Ion Permanent in 8.34 Light Golden Copper Blonde, and it’s the PERFECT shade. I tried...
  11. C

    Correct chair to use with portable back wash unit

    Hiiii guys! I’m new to this website so please be nice I’m really just wanting some advice, starting my new little room up I have invested in a portable salon wash basin and was just wondering what chair to use with it? Obviously it would have to be one that tilts back, but what height and...
  12. C

    Qualified hair extension help

    I qualified in 3 methods of hair extensions in September last year, I set up an Instagram account, bought a logo and was really excited, after 3 months of absolutely no interest and people turning their nose up at the already very low price no more than £20 profit for myself after the cost of...
  13. PuellaNya

    Majirel Cool Cover

    My boyfriends mum has the base of a 5 but has achieved it by using box dye over box dye over box dye for about a year. She wants her hair to be 8.11 Majirel Cool Cover. Should I bleach her hair first or?? I've just finished level 2 hair I'm still kinda new
  14. S

    Extensions recommendations

    Ive tried glam locks and sallys but where does everyone recommend i try next for hair extensions?
  15. Yasminbrooke

    Hosting a hair extension competition

    I’m wanting to host a competition to boost awareness of my new hair extension business page and the winner will receive a free hair extension fitting. The only thing is I’m a little confused, do I offer the whole thing free so the hair and the fitting, or does the winner pay just the price of...
  16. F

    Hair color

    A few months ago i dyed my hair Permanent red and bleached it but only some bleach took so i decided to go black(permanent). After a month of black i bleached it and thats where disaster started. My gair was orange, brown, and black. after using a color remover i haf just an orange color. After...
  17. Yasminbrooke

    Hair extension business name, any suggestions!

    I’m not qualified in hair extensions yet but I’m doing a course next month for micro rings, nano rings and fusion bonds (I’m so excited) but I’m struggling with choosing a name for my business! I’ll be offering mobile to start with but I’d eventually like to transition into working from a home...
  18. L

    Discoloured hair help

    My hair is naturally black and throughout the years I’ve been red or blonde highlights/balayage. A few months ago I had balayage that went very orange and the orange would not lift so I decided to go back to my natural color and I used Montibello Cromatone 1 with 10 vol. This was back in March...
  19. C

    Cool blonde, but not grey!

    Okay I’m open to try new brands, because I just can’t find that perfect cool blonde toner, on day to day basis clients are always asking for their hair to be highlighted and toned a lovely cool blonde, BUT don’t want to be GREY! (They never really ask for bleach on scalp, as they don’t want to...
  20. Cassie64207

    I want to get my rebonding (touch-up) done for the third time

    Hey! So I have naturally curly hair (2c, 3a) type but ny hair has always been extremely frizzy and unmanageable. The only thing I could possiblly do with my hair ever was to put it up in a bun. I personally, love styling my hair and so I used to hate my natural hair But a year ago, I got my hair...