Need some good glitters!


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Apr 18, 2016
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glitters please
Magpie glitters
ooh I'll have a look thankyou!
Lecente or magpie x
Definitely Lecente! x
I use Lecente and think its fantastic but can i ask what the difference is between Lecente & Magpie, it seems more people prefer Magpie now.
im very curious to try.
Sorry to jump on your thread x
Ok I'm a Lecente girl. I've just brought two from magpie and theyre nice. It seems as if anyone can buy magpie. It's open for professionals and diyers whereas Lecente is more for the professional only. Which I like.
The magpie community is strong and solid!! They have a Facebook page and love sharing tips and show off their creations which is nice and the owner seems like she cares for her customers. I would say she's created a lovely platform in the glitter world. I've got my angel and my Amelia. But I'm back to my Lecente!! Or I might buy a few more magpies I dunno
Little bit late to the party but look up Glitterarty_nails on Facebook, might just need to type in Glitterarty Nails - her stock is amazing! They've also got loads of demos and examples of work [emoji4] xxx
Another vote for magpie! X
I have lots of both but I prefer Magpie. The colours are stunning

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