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Lelli Loo Loo
Nov 6, 2003
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Lellipop Land
Here is my latest addition to my 3d collection :)


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ooooooh how pretty I love that Idea how do you get the detail indents in the basket and flowers do you use a pin or something? Liked the colours you used too they are my favourites pink and lilac!!!!!
MORE MORE MORE Keep posting those nail pics they are great I love looking at nail pics and this 3d stuff is sooooooo creative!!!
sawasdee ka

Lots of beautifull nail art and 3d lady make practice now .

I can not try 3d after i can when i can some color acrylic powder and will post some photos .

I will post some more photos from magazine tomorrow 3d and put some new ideas i see in magazine for nails .

i go happy birthday party now .

Mui from Thailand
Enjoy the party Mui look forward to seeing some more of the 3d work on your site are you putting the tutorial for rose nail on this site? Private message me when you do!!!! Thanks ;)
loo lesley sawasdee ka

i look magazine now and have ready 4 tomorrow i have to go party now many people await me sing a song .

tomorrow i will make the flower in gel tut for you beacause i know you want look you can do if you see photos for sure :) .

And tomorrow i show aqua nails ripple nails design sculpture nails and some more encassed nails many .

And some more 3 d and tomorrow i work web site make many thing new .

I be very happy if you can make some and have in a magazine your country .

Mui from Thailand :cool:
very pretty lesley :cool:
crazy'n'creative said:
very pretty lesley :cool:
Thanks Crazy,
I am hoping to get better results when i get some coloured acrylics ;)
Having to paint white at the mo.
very Nice!!
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