new album lots of fun pickies nails etc


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Dec 1, 2003
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Hello click on this link to see some of my fun nail art and some nail extensions I have done!! There are three pages in my new album, there is also one of my cutie dog and myself and boyf so you can see what we look like :lol: :o
Enjoy pickies!!! :D
Loo sawasdee ka

i go look and i want you speak me how you make the tiger and the sparkley tigers please because we make a tiger but not same you can make i want try make same you ka

Thank you for help me make ka

Mui from the land of sunshine and smiles .
Hi mui

With the tiger nails I used glitter acrylic for extension, the steps at the begining are similar to a french polish nail. I painted the tip with a purple glitter polish, two coats then an overall coat of (almost clear) lilac glitter polish then painted with a black nail art pen the tiger stripe effect!! The tiger nails are the same as the glittery Tigers!!

Did you like the funny wedding nail? That was the hardest one as the line was so fine on the drawing. ;)

any other questions I would be pleased to help you :)
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