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Luxury Beauty

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Oct 3, 2007
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London, Ealing
Hi everyone!
I've just started working as a beauty therapist at home (in our spare room). I currently use Dermalogica and St Tropez and offer all the standard treatments such as facials, waxing, tinting etc. I am also an authorised Dermalogica retailer but there seems to be not alot of people interested in that.

I've recently just designed my own website and am currently advertising on yellow pages, and also gumtree. However i am finding that i am not getting a lot of response, sometimes just queries.:cry:
I was thinking of doing a leaflet drop in our area with just my price list and a discount voucher but was just wondering if anyone has done this in london and had any response?

Are there any other advertising options that anyone can suggest? As it would be greatly appreciated!
Also does business tend to pick up around christmas?:)

Luxury Beauty
Hey well done you - opening your own salon...Good luck!

This is always my slow time of year, so don't worry too much, think about it kids have just gone back to school (new uniforms, shoes,books etc) theyve had they're sunny hols (& still paying for it probly) they now starting too think about the cost of xmas so not spending on little old them - this is a time when I rely heavely on my regulars!! & a great time to plan ahead for the xmas rush..wahey luv it!
I find retail sales are best after a treatment, let the clients roll and after they have had a treatment & before they pay, tell them how they will benefit using the home care in this range (i guess youv'e had all the sales training with Dermalogica tho)... all the best

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