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Christie's Nails

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Jan 11, 2003
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Hawaii, USA
Ok..don't wanna leave out the geek boards...heehee
This is what I did on my nails this week.
I used a filbert brush for the flowers and little leaves and 10/0 liner brush for the dots. Acrylic craft paint in white and a teal sorta color.
they are fabulous christie, wish I could do them.

You give me lots of inspiration but it's finding the time to do nail art ;)
OOOh Christie, Tres elegant :thumbsup: Went to Mall I think you'd say, last night and bought a little tray of acrylic paints especially with your designs in mind. This one is my favourite (I say that everytime you post a new one) so I'm gonna do this one first - right here and now in front of the pc. I wish I had camera so I could show you the end result .........then again!!!
Those are so elegant. maybe some of my ladies who are balking at nail art would like this. Mind if I copy and print? :D
Christie's Nails said:
Ok..don't wanna leave out the geek boards...
damn straight! - can I say that?

THey look great as always... in fact... I think my fave ive seen from you.

Hi Christie

Definitely my favourite. I just LOVE white acrylic paint.. it's so elegant 8)

I used a filbert brush for the flowers

What is that type of brush???
Hi Michelle, seen a Filbert nut? Same shape. ;)

once again beautiful

They are incredible. As Michelle said what type of brush is a filbert brush and unfortunately I've not seen a filbert nut either!!! ;)

Absolutely brilliant......I can't stop looking at them! :ack:
I guess I do name my brushes! lol

The brush on the far left is a filbert. It is flat like a shader (middle brush) but has sort of rounded ends, not blunt across like the shader. Dip in paint and dab it on the nail at a bit of an angle and it makes perfect little petals. If you were to go into an art store and ask for a filbert, I am sure they would know what you are talking about.
The brush on the right is a of my favorites for nearly all my nail art. lol, you can tell because it is just noticed that..
Hi Christie

Thanks for the visual :shock:

Will have to get one of those - they make gorgeous petal and leaf shapes.

Thanks for all your help!
Really clean looking. I love seeing what you do next.
Hiya Christie, i just wanna say how fab your artwork is! I have copied (hope you dont mind) the hibiscus flowers from your "fantastic" tutorial.......they didn't look like hibiscus flowers when i'd finished with them...he he. I shall keep trying.
I think i would have more inspiration if i resided in hawaii, it seems quite dull where i live :(
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