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Jul 27, 2003
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Hi all you experienced nail techs....I am a baby in the industry, and am about to move from mobile into a nail bar of my own. any tips (forgive the pun would be great.
janette :D
Well Hun,
I take it you want to open your own place ????
The most important thing is LOCATION, LOCATION AND LOCATION......
After that I don't know much lol ....................

Decoration must be classy, tasteful but with your own personality running through the Bizz...................
What Services are you offering ????
What product do you want to use ????
Do you want to rent out some of the space to others ???

Health and safety Regs will have to be enforced..........
Local Council has to be consulted on Licencing........
firebrigade will have to check out before opening suitable Fire prevention.....Fire Extinguishers, Emergency Exits, Meeting points...........

Just a few things.................

So just a thought on this.........
What sort of tips are you after ????

love Ruth xxxxxxxx opening my nail studio in 12 days, i went to SOHBAC, Business Link and they have helped me with all different kinds of issues, ive also had help and advice of the Princes Trust, u are entitled to this help if u r under 31 and other criteria too...
For me ive been lucky and its gone really smoothly, only probs have come across r not to do with nails but my sunbeds im having installed...
make sure ur fully insured, ive had probs with this because im opening above a hairdressers my business has to be completely seperated from the hairdressers so im having to have a wall built and my own entrance and 5 lever dead mortice lock...which isnt up yet!!! lol...gotto wait for sunbeds to go in on monday b4 it can go up...
make sure its cool, ive got ceiling fans...only 2 though dont want 1 rite under the nail bar...
and i just looked for hours on the net at other businesses, i even went to all salons in town for 1 treatment or check them out, there decor, how they are with u etc etc...and i learnt a lot from doing that, what i want to be like and what i dont want to be like....good luck Vicky
Sawadee ka

Very good luck for you open your own buisness and very good idea go look other salons i go look and have my hair done sometime other salon and can look at what them do and product i like go do i other away from my salon because i have lady come here have salon and look everything them look if i have new from England or america or new internet idea.

We now learn airbrush everyday and for sure in 3 month will have in salon other where my salon but no problem always try be number 1 .

Kop khun ka

Thank you so much for the reply, and for the tips.....I have done most of it and the other things will be done as soon as I can. You see I also work full time selling industrial flat roofing and looking after Quality Issues for the same company. InScotland we dont need a licence yet from the local company, also the fire dept are reluctant to come out to see us on a Saturday, so will have to tempt them with a free manicure , or a firemans lift.........

The location is in the centre of a wee rich village outside glasgow. I had two manicures to do on saturday one in the nail bar which was cool cool cool and then I had to go into the salon to another manicrue whilst the client was having her color cooked under heat lamps, I think I almost got cooked as well.

I am initially doing Backscratchers and Star nail products but am looking at calgel and opi but need to earn some dosh to go on the courses.

Well best go hope you had a good weekend in the hot hot weather you are having. Take care and hope to hear more of your tips.

janette :D
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