New Nail Bar - opening promotions?


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Apr 17, 2012
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Burnham, Bucks
Hi everyone, happy Friday!

Our new nail bar is opening at the end of July and as it is in a quiet part of town we will be doing lots of flyering etc to get people in for their first treatment. Im not keen on the idea of discounting in general but I wondered if anyone had good ideas for an offer to get clients to try it for the first time? Bring a friend and each get £5 off? (Opening offer only!). Free glass of bubbly with every treatment? Or any other ideas gratefully received!

Thanks x
Any ideas gratefully received :)
I don't know as you'd have to work out the coatings but how about upgrading or adding something on such as

Book a mani free upgrade to luxury mani
Book a full mani get free file & polish for toes
Book minx pedi get free f&p for fingers etc

Something cheap enough to do for you that makes them feel pampered & keeps them in longer.
Thanks Pixibeauty, great ideas! I do like the idea of offering something extra rather than giving money off :)
free rockstar nails with any soak-off polish
free hand and arm massage with a set of l&p or gel
free gift for every new client (could be a hand cream or nail file etc?)

i dont like the idea of discounts as you lose too much money, whereas something free doesnt necesarily cost YOU that much money.

do you offer loyalty cards?
Thanks Carly, we werent going to have loyalty cards. Do you have them? x

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