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Nov 14, 2003
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Hi, this is my fisrt time message. Anyway, I am going to state board next month, I am so excited and nervous. I was hoping anyone who has taken the exam get have me some tips. Iam form Charlotte,North Carolina.

thanks again !!!!!!! have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING goal
...and welcome :sunny: . We have some great teks from the US of A on the Geek Site and Ken aka ollieninh is from your neck of the woods - I am sure he will help if he can. 8) The majority of us reside in the UK :shock: but there are now teks from all over the world registered on here.

I did notice in the US Nails mag - The Big Book - that it gave all the states with the details of how many hours each state requires etc. That was cool because it means we can help US teks if they need that kind of knowledge and don't have it. I hope someone can help you anyway!! :rolleyes: ;)
I think that in another place, I have spoken with her about this.
Generally, you studied in an approved school, which can sometimes mean nothing, thinking about the standards of some schools.
But if I recall, she studied in a school that I know and that my wife had attended at one time and the school is acceptable.
So you have your education and in this state it is pretty much 98 % of what is in the Mildays textbook the art and science of nail technology.

You pay the state your fee, show you completed school and are scheduled at next exam. Exam locations vary often to make shorter travel for the students from the many travelled areas of the state. Usually held on a Saturday at a local 2 year community college.

There is a practical exam. You bring along a person to work on. Do exactly what your school told you to do in order to past the practical exam whether or not you personally happen to agree with a procedure.

There is a 100 question written exam. It is multiple choice. All questions come from the material in Mildadys art and science of nail technology. There are at least a dozen variations of the multiple choice questions handed out --- done so people do not memorize the set of answers.

That is it. In the past I have tutored people for this exam. I have seen many people fail the exams. ( You can apply to take it again ) I feel that people failing the exam have not been taking themselves, life, working, ect seriously. And it is a wake up call. Most all go on the pass the exams in the future. A very very few, perhaps admit the themselves that they are here to 'cruise' through life on someone elses dime and never end up being a nail tech.
CAN I TELL EVERYONE something and dont get upset.
Go to a state NC exam and if say there are 100 students there that day to take exams, perhaps 80 of them will be Vietnamese. Yeah, the people some tend to associate with the dreaded word NSS.
Well, it is funny. They past the exams also. RIght, they follow all the standards just like everyone else, in the exams.
AND if you have a South Carolina license you go to refresher classes yearly which mainly concentrate on sanitation issues and such. And yes they follow all the standards just like everyone else, in the classroom.
I just find it so interesting to think about stuff like that.
what questions that brings to mind.
Like, if Lady X followed the standards in the exam, why did I just see Lady X in the nail shop just about following NO standards at all ?
What? Why? How Come?
See people I dont get mad at NSS and I really get hurt when I talk about NSS and your nail techs out there get mad at me.
I rather put some energy into considering,,,, what makes people tick - why is an NSS an NSS, when they they had to give an NON-NSS performance to obtain their license ?
MMMMmmmmmmm m m
HINT about answer. Lady X and her co-workers almost all work in shops they dont own. So they do it the owners way or walk, ya see. Now, who are the NSS shop owners, about 70% a Vietnamese man who still (95%) lives in the world of 1880, where what he says goes or get the heck out.
OH there are lots and lots of other factors too, yes there are.
Like most of the women are the age that they attended the school system under commumisim ---- there was no real education --- what is a germ, great question, it was never taught.
Well I wont tell everything.
I would like to thank you for just taking time to answer my message. I really look forward to getting to know everyone D .


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