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Feb 18, 2004
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I am thinking of extending the services I offer in my salon. We currently do L&P nail extensions and the services that come with this... also waxing, tinting, spray tanning and fake tattoos. also Man & Ped.
I would like to introduce some treatments which will attract more clients in my area..... Being a low income area I know a lot of customers will not go for expensive treatments unless they get instant results, can any of you let me know what you have introduced which has generated income into your own salon/mobile business.
I also have been thinking of introducing 'smile gems/tooth fairy', are any of you using these, have they generated an income and which of these would you recommend?

sawasdee ka

One of the service that lady and man like from the west is facial we do a facial with 5 cream and a mask and cleansing and ozone treatment but some salons just do the facial massage and cleansing .

This is a good service for sure .

Mui from Thailand
The Smile Gems kit is cheaper than the Tooth Fairy kit for basically the same stuff. I bought the Smile Gems kit, which was good, but did not have much interest so sold it, but all areas are different!
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