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Apr 25, 2012
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I am qualified in manicure and pedicures but i need to practice!! I am new to the area and quite a way from my friends. How do you geeks suggest i practice??
I would just get stuck in letting women know everywhere you go what you do! Always have your business cards handy ... Take notice of everyone's hands and every time you see a woman with nice hands and nails give her a card.
Choose one or two shops where women work and show off their hands AND offer to do their nails for free if they will pass out your cards. Things like that.
Leave your cards in ladies loos if you go out. Post your cards on notice boards in local gyms and supermarkets ... Pass them out when writing to pick up the children at school (if you are a mum lol) just get creative and think whoever women go you will inform them.
Thanks Geeg all appreciated x
Practice on yourself - layout all your products as you would for a real client and go through the procedure step by step - plus it's a little treat for yourself - that's how I learned how to do all my beauty treatments, I even do my own nail extensions and spray tans which were tricky at first but got there in the end. You could also offer free treatments, ask in leisure centres, hairdressers, council offices, community centres, churches - anywhere that doesn't already have a therapist get permission off the owner first, ask if you can set up a table, get a sign saying 'Free manicures & pedicures' explain to each customer you're doing it to build your portfolio and get extra practice - ask to take a photo of the finished treatment too and you can see over time how you are progressing. It's a good way of meeting new people in your area and making friends and I would imagine most people would give you a tip which will cover costs of your products. Make sure your insurance is up to date and covers everything you need !! Take business cards too you never know what could come of it.
Shame your so far away from sunny Devon or i would happily volunteer to be a practice person for you!:)x
Thank you geeks for all your advice! You're wonderful people..

I was thinking now i could send a leaflet round my road introducing myself and saying look I need to practice can I have some vulunteers, but I was wondering if to be able to do this i wouls need to

1, take out insurance straight away (havent yet as been family),

2, do consultation cards for all neibours who want to help? - only asking as been to new salon recently and they have not asked me for any details what so ever. That was only for a new gel set but am due in for waxing and eyebrow tint - not even asked for skin test!!!) is it essential that i do the consultation cards for new clients? And if i further my training, would i need o do a new card for each service??

3, would i need to register as self employed straight away? My friend is a trained accountant and she said i dont need to do this until i am taking payment, but what if they want to tip me for the free service i will be giving to practice, it would be handy for them to tip to cover costs... Would i be allowed to accept this?

1 yes you need insurance - it protects you and the client, and seperates you from techs that don't care

2 you need consultations with new clients and revisit with new treatments - again don't worry if another salon don't do it you do what you know you should

3 I would ask your accountant friend :) but why not start as you mean to go on? Xx
And good luck! Xx

So i have been looking at record forms and I am thinking I will need to make my own.

I am only qualified as a nail technician but will hopefully go on to spray tanning and then maybe facials, lashes etc in the future.

If I pass you this website - Would you think it is suitable to basically put all three (beauty, nail, tanning) from here Hair & Beauty Record cards
on to one form, would that be ok?


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