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Jul 29, 2007
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Leeds, England
Hi everyone,

I am new to this site and new to nails. I qualified a couple of months ago in Manicure and Pedicure and am currently doing the Essential Nails L&P course. I have carried out a couple of manis and pedis on people but was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on what are the best products and brands to use, at the moment I am using a range from the local wholesaler?

Thanks very much

I think an option for you is to do a conversion course, then you will be able to use products from a well known brand/company.

There are loads of threads on this site that Im sure will help you decide what to do next! xx
welcome to this wonderful world of everything nails!!! i use creative for all things nails so i would recommend them - u would have to do a conversion with them. when i did my courses with creative i got sooo much out of it thou u learn loads of new stuff and the products really are fabulous. try the spa mani/pedi course

tori x x
Thanks for the good advice, it seems I have a few options to consider.


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