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Oct 10, 2007
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I have just completed my training as a Nail tec and need some advise on the best products to use.

I have been experimenting on my friends and family with nail extensions but i am having problem with the glue and i don't think the tips i have are of the best quality.

If someone can recommend a good make of glue & nail tips that would be a great help - i have been baffled by all the products available on the websites and need to be pointed in the right direction.

Any help and advice would be most welcome.
Hi there...and welcome to the site!!

It would be helpful if you could fill out your profile with what training you have done, and with what system.

Are you using gel or L&P......and what tips are you actually using just now?

Thanks for your reply - i am going to update my profile but i am trying to pick up the beauty jargon!

I did my training in Gel & Acrylic (what is L&P I have not heard of this?), the nail tips i have were supplied by the course and there is no branding on them, the gel is nailite but i have been told that bio-sculpture is a good brand to use? The glue they provided again has no branding so i assume they have used the cheapest stuff.

L&P is commonly known as acrylic where you are mixing a liquid monomer with a polymer powder.

I believe the Nailite gel is a buff off gel and Bio Sculpture is a soak off gel so they are very different. Further training would certainly be required if you were moving to Bio.
Hi and welcome to the site :)
Hello chick and welcome to the site!!
Carrie x

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