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Nicola Ismail

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Jul 5, 2004
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Just finished my foundation course, it was all very exciting and interesting, I'm just left feeling a little overwhelmed and not sure how to progress from now on.

Any advice please???

Hiya and welcome to the boards, Dont be overwhelmed by everything just take your time and do whats best for you.
I am sure you will get lots of help and advice from the other geeks :biggrin:
We are all a friendly bunch so enjoy
Hi, and greetings froma fellow Geek. If i wereyou i would take the time to take ineverything you've learned and let it sink in as its usually alot of information. Look at the tutorials on here and keep reading the posts on here as they are always really helpful.

Any probs just posta new thread or even before then do a search on here as most topics have been covered at some point to get all the information you will ever need. This will become your bible, we are all mates on here who love to help each other out, welcome to the family.:biggrin:
Hello guys!

I am new to this site too! I think it is just Fabulous. I have never seen so much information all in one place. And I love the tutorials!! Everyone here seems so nice. I plan take the Creative Master's class!! On another note, I do feel a bit out of place because I am in Chicago,Ill....and it seems like everyone here is overseas...:sad: there anyone else here from the states?? Later!

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