New to this need advice as going mobile x


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Jul 20, 2010
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I am thinking of going mobile, should I offer gell and acrylic?
also what is a good cost effective but reliable (ie your customers like it), gel or acrylic kit to buy? help!
thanks in advance
Sam xxx
What system did you train with?
Don't forget insurance, the guild are good or salon gold and not that expensive.
I have been doing nails for 6 mths and only trained in gels. I have never had anyone ask me for acrylics luckily (sure this will come this wk). I did speak to a lady today, sainsburys checkout lady and her nails lkd lovely so i asked what they were and she said acrylics. We got chatting and se said she had always wanted gels instead but they are more expensive so she never has. In my experience thus far, gels seem more popular.I trained with le chat.
:hug:thanks guys,

I trained with magnetics but they never seem to be mentioned on here? so was not sure if they were any good lol, but sooooooo glad to hear gels are popula as my gel work is great but my acrylic not so great lol takes me ages!!! I keep getting told IBD are good what do you girls think coz I need to get a really good starting kit the magnetics are only £115, plus vat but i looking in to ibd today x and insurance (dont worry wont be leaving the house without it lol) scary stuff even when training You drop things!! and can just see me doing that! so will go for guild gold think i need it xxxx thanks for all ya help xxx

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