New Year's Nail Art


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Nov 18, 2003
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:D I am continuing practicing my nail art until I can go to school. I did my nails yesterday using my airbrush for the base coat, and the rest by hand. I airbrushed the entire nail cotton candy pink, then the tips a creamy white. I then handpainted "smiles" at the cuticle with a metallic gold. I finished them with several coats of a clear with a fine gold glitter, and two coats of a clear top coat. They are very pretty, I think. Thought I'd call them "pink champagne"! Just wanted to share....Happy New Year
Hi, They sound 8) great, Wish you could post a picture of them.
Would love to see the design :D
Sawasdee ka

I am looking for nail art and sets of nails for my web site i want to make gallery of nail art and nails from around the world i will put your name and where you from .

If you do have photo or can take photo an other time and can let me put in gallery i would like too much and its very beautifulto share idea .

Kop khun ka mui ka
Mui, I would love to put some nail art in your gallery :D
It would be nice if lots of us sent you some pictures and ideas 8)
Sawasdee ka lesley

Today i am make gallery Nails from around the world this for &p gel fabric and i a gallery nail art frm around the world and i want if anybody want put photos in my web site then i very very happy for sure .

Tomorrow you can see some nail art Thailand .

Kop khun ka mui ka
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