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Jul 30, 2010
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Hi everyone,

Im a newbie to this site and I wanted to ask for some advice please. I am starting a level 2 beauty therapy course in September and i've got to order my kit they have given me the details of where to purchase but I want to know if i can get them cheaper elsewhere, so my uniform consists of a white claudette tunic from, also colette black trousers and francesXXX black shoes.

Also they have given an order form for contact direct limited to supply the makeup and brushes for £90.00 would you say this is reasonable? as I have no idea and I also have to purchase a Level 2 beauty kit from beauty express for £115.00 is this also reasonable or could I do better?:rolleyes:

I would be grateful for any suggestions please as I have no idea what I am doing.:eek:

Im already doing the nvq level 2 beauty course and personally, I didnt buy the kit... half of us did and half didn't.. my teacher just tells us what to buy for each topic.. i.e. manicures/pedicures/eye last perming/tinting etc... apparently the makeup kit which comes with the kit, is not very good value for money at all so its up to you but I would say just buy stuff as you go along .. if u know what topic you shall be starting on, i can give you tips of what to buy.. kind wishes
I went for my interview last week and I asked if I could get my own kit and was told that everyone has to work at the same level so therfore should all use the same which I think is just a con. We are starting the course with manicures and pedicures so I would have liked to use nails inc products and opi so I could keep hold of them for future use Im not sure what quality the student kits are because I dont really want to waste money on cheap.
Forgot to say thanks:)
Lol ur very welcome xx hope the course goes well! Xxx please feel free to ask me anything x

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