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Sep 30, 2009
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so far i have completed level 1 in acrylic and gel nails at sallys. i have been working in a salon for 2 years and have decided i want to go further and teach. i have enquired at my local college and they say i can go straight to level 3 which is one year. what happens after that and how long will it take. also im not sure if idlike to work at a college, i think id rather work for a reputable company such as young does anyone know which is the best easiest and quickest step to take.thanks xxx
If you have done training with Young nails and have their qualifications, then you should contact them and ask what the criteria is to become an educator for them.
Usually Companies like this want you to have all of their qualifications up to masters level, and relevant experience. Geography comes in to play too though as if there already is an Educator in your area they will not require another one, usual areas are about a 50 mile radius depending on the geography (rural/urban).
Also you should be aware that becoming an Educator with a private company like this is not inexpensive as you do have to pay for all the training you require including the all important Educators course which is usually a weeks residential course with a full Educators kit and training by International Educators and that doesn't come cheap.

Some companies are now asking that you also have a teaching qualification like the City & Guilds 7303, which I also think would be required by Colleges to teach there.
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