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Jan 6, 2010
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Hey everyone, is anyone working with the nhs as a referral salon? How do you go about doing it? My aunt had breast cancer so were very anti all chemicals and nasties but we are also really struck with our consultations. I spoke to her lymphoma nurse and she now recommends us as I've taken all the medical massage courses but I don't know how we officially become a referral salon?

Any ideas?
Ps I didn't read over that as I typed it so if it doesn't make sense I'm sorry! Xxxx
Wow! Nobody does it? Must be a lot harder than I thought!
Clearly it's a well kept secret ;)
I haven't got a clue I'm afraid. Reason I've left a comment is the thread title might be putting people off all it says is NHS, its not giving any other information so might just be getting looked over. Maybe if you changed it to NHS how to become a referral salon it might get more people reading a commenting. Just a suggestion. Xx
Oh just to add I'm not sure if there is an actual referral system in place but perhaps you could contact all if your local doctors surgeries and hospitals to offer your services that way. I'm sure they would put a poster up in waiting rooms etc xx
Hi NHS tendering is extremely complex and unless you have been approved by the commissioners they cannot recommend you or refer to you.
The lymphoma nurse recommending you can actually be reported to the NMC for doing so without official sanctioning.

Obviously individuals within the NHS will have their personal opinions about treatments which are not always the official NHS recommendations. Often staff may advise patients of a range of alternative therapies that "may" help but cannot recommend individuals.

Often the palliative care teams have contracts with different agencies for treatments, but theoretically if an NHS staff member recommends a treatment it should be available free on the NHS if that makes any sense.

If you find a legal loophole then good luck to you, but even the micropigmentation treatments on burns and reconstruction camouflage are now done by NHS trained staff.
they have a "scheme" where you pay in to thier portal, you're not guranteed foot fall, but pay extortionate amounts to be out of "three approved salons". Ive had the sales blurb and the figures that are redonkulous ;)

Avoid this scam if you ever hear of it! NHS staff will come to you via word of mouth not from a refferal scheme. xoxo
Thanks guys. It isn't actually the staff I was aiming for, it is the patients. I want to offer free treatments to them (hence NHS referral system) but obviously still get paid from someone. I apologise if my wording is blunt but I don't know how to put it. Years ago I knew of someone who did electrolyse via referrals, that was all she did so the patients didn't pay but she still got her wage and that way, it's all correct and done by the book.

Am I making sense?


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