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Feb 6, 2006
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Does anyone have any experience with this range especially the primer?

Thanks in advance
Use to use the primer about 76 years ago :)

In all honesty, I used to use it when I first started almost 15 years ago, but haven't used it since my training with CND. To be honest, I (like most techs I know of that use it) mainly used it as a prep substitute as it is 100% methacrylic acid (cleanse by fire!). Depending on your system, your prep should be sufficient enough for cleaning. Acid primers should only be used sparingly to promote adhesion when the product cant obtain at least a hydrogen bond by itself.

Hope this helps!
NLN is huge here in California. That stuff literally flys off the shelves. I'm amazed at how well it sells.

I used to use it many years ago (not as many as Sam LOL) and then I read an article about multiple layers of primer and something to do with posters on the ceiling and the fact that more than one layer did not make any difference. (I found it LOL - http://www.salongeek.com/general-articles/2699-primer-lifting.html)

If your prep is right and your product has good, kind, bonds then these type of primers should be unnecessary.
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lol, makes really good sense though:)
Yes, the poster analogy was really a great way to illustrate how the chemicals work. IMO, the primer is definitely used here as a substitute for a proper prep procedure.

After reading the above posts, i am wondering why such a grreat product such as NSI attraction needs primer then, does anyone know?

Ps i guess i should know seeing as i use Attraction liquid
Just because a product can benefit from a primer (acidic or not) doesnt make it a bad product. Ultimatley what defines a great product is one which gives you the results you aim for in the salon in the safest possible way. :)

Thanks for the reminder about that article Fiona... brought back memories ;)

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