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Sep 2, 2006
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Hello all

I just wonderd if there are any techs on here from the northwest / cheshire
are you salon based or mobile ?

Velouria Pixi xx:)
hi i am .just finished my vtct nails course doing extensions starting in sept. also done some beauty stuff as well. i only work on family and friends at min.
where abouts are you
Yes, I'm in North Cheshire. So far I have completed ITEC A & P, Massage. Done an Indian Head Course and VTCT SPorts Massage, Manicure and just about finished VTCT Pedicure. Nearly forgot... I'm hopefully nearing passing my Biosculpture assessment! A week tomorrow!

I'm going to start working at home seriously when my room is ready (it's a temporary kitchen at the moment while other building work is being done) and I can have a home salon. Just people I know at the moment. Am hoping to rely on Word of Mouth for advertising, but don't know if that is being a bit optimistic, DOn't want full time work, about 15 hours a week would suit me fine.
you are so lucky having a home salon... i just dont have the room. god knows what am gonna do when i have finished. where abouts are you
I don't have the home salon... yet! Building work won't finish until end September and then the new kitchen has to go in, plus flooring. Then the room has to be decorated. It also has to accommodate my craft stuff and computer, desk, office. Will have folding screens I think to put round office end when 'salon' is in use.
probably the best way. my friend is in the process of converting her garage into a salon. just wish i had the space
See post no.3 in the thread Zoealanna to see what I am able to do.... so far!

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